Buzzer Beater!

Had a day off on Friday, August 19, so we figured what better thing to do than go fishing! =) Stayed up a bit too late on Thursday night, so we got a late start on Friday morning. Got to the beach, unloaded our gear, and started setting up. We realized that morning that have A LOT of stuff on our kayak and we think we’re going to time ourselves the next time we set up our kayak. It must take us 45 min to an hour just to set her up!

We only had 3 pieces of bait, but when I pulled them out of the bag they practically fell apart! Oh no! BUT thankfully for us, Gareth is usually really good at catching bait. We started paddling out to one of our bait spots and we see this boat there, but we figure there’s enough room for all of us...then we notice their little buoy...Damn...they’re netting the Opelu! On Gar’s first drop something slams the damashi rig and starts ripping out line on the little rod...the seems to come off, but then runs again. Gar ends up landing a nice size Weke Ula (red goat fish). We think he had 2 on, but one broke off during the battle. After that he gets a double Nunu (trumpet fish) stike, and finally he manages to get a few Opelu even if the Opelu boat pounded so much Opelu their boat was riding LOW in the water.

Dragged the Opelu around for a while and NOTHING. Not even an Aha strike for HOURS, then zzzz. Small Aha strike which kills our bait. Rebait and zzzz...small Aha strike again. Rebait and zzzz...small Aha strike which killed our last opelu. =(

We paddle back to our spot and catch more. The Opelu boat has finally left the area and the Opelu school is pretty spread out, but we manage a few again before a second Opelu boat comes in and sets up their nets too. =/

Hours and hours of no action again, so we start exploring areas we haven’t fished too often with no action. It’s starting to get late, so we decide to make one more pass at this one ledge before heading in and zzz...zzz...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! At first the strike didn’t seem like an 0no, but a minute into the battle we realize that it is! Video cameras on...ACTION! Screaming run after screaming run and we think he’s done. I get the kage out and he screams our line again! We finally get him in the kayak, snap a few pics, and sail back to our landing with big smiles on our faces.