The Start Of A New Era

This is how our fishing journey has been going... shore fishing ->wading out to outer reefs -> fishing off of our surfboards -> fishing from a rubber raft -> kayak fishing -> and now we're here.

We finally got tired of using inferior brands of kayaks and have graduated to a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island!  As you all know, it's like having our very own Transformer!  At first we planned on only getting the hull to fish from, then one beautiful, sunny day, we went down to Kailua Beach and David "Boogie-D" Elgas got us HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER! After that demo and pedaling her in kayak mode we were IN LOVE!!!!!  We've only done a short sail so far just to get the kinks out, but have fished her in kayak mode and she worked like a charm.  We're looking forward to a steep learning curve and we believe this will push our fishing to a whole new level.