Slow, but got a couple!

Packed our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island on the truck and headed down to the beach for another day on the water.
Had some new damashi flies that our friend Brian Yamauchi tied for us and they worked like a charm! I would post pictures...but it’s a SECRET. Hahaha! Almost all our bait that we caught on this day were caught on the Yamauchi Damashi!

Got our first fish, a 20” Omilu, that we tagged and released so he could grow big and make plenty babies for the future. Pictured below is our tagging kit. We have Papio tags & tagging tool, Ulua tags & tagging tool, pencil, tape measure, and our data card (actually a piece of plastic that I write the data on because paper will not hold up on a kayak).
You have to write the date, measure the fork length, list the species, tag number, and record it on the data card.
The tag is a small yellow spaghetti tag w/the tag number and a little contact info w/phone number. This guy’s tag number is P34473, so if you catch him again, measure him, record the data and call 587-0593. It would be nice to hear how much he grew and how far he travelled no matter if you decide to keep him to eat or release him to grow bigger.

While Gareth was catching more bait I decided to drop some bait to see if anyone was home under water. As luck would have it something hit and the battle was on! After a short battle I pulled up an 8.3# Uku. Gar loves Uku...see the smile on his face? Gareth Uyeda pictured below wearing two Zionic watches - a black and white Z-series and red Original series. Go Zionic - Catch More Fish! Get yours at
We fished hard for the rest of the day, but ended up with nothing else. Got to the beach exhausted and as luck would have it our lifeguard friend Makani was there w/his quad and he towed Megatron right up to our truck! =) Weighed the uku, then gave it to Makani for a party they were having at the beach. All in all a great day!