Fun Day on Our Hobie TI

Got to the beach and it was beautiful weather for a day of fishing.  Long story short, we dragged around some bait...small mahimahi (7#).

As soon as we land the mahi, we drop another bait and within 2 minutes...mahimahi (a bit bigger than the first...hoping it's at least 10# so we can have full points for the AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tournament...but it wasn't. 9.1#).

Dragged around another bait and we take a strike that seemed to be an ulua because it swam down like it was looking for a hole to hide in and cut our line. Several screaming runs later we see this beautiful silver streak under water...ono (20.2#)!

Spend the rest of the day trying to get the pelagic trifecta to no avail. Great day on the water even without the trifecta.