AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 1

We fixed our broken mast (see 12/19/11 Fishing with Robson Green) and decorated our sail w/some decals (AquaHunters, RealBVoice Water Warrior, C4 Waterman, Zionic,, Windward Boats (it came off) and of course Hobie) and things and were ready for a day of fishing! *Want to rent ad space on our sail? Contact us if you’re interested!

We made our first (of 40) runs for the 2012 AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing (and Diving) Tournament on Saturday, February 4, 2012. The AquaHunters Makahiki is an 8 month long progressive tournament that has some of the best kayak anglers in the world.

We started off the day with some small fish, 3 moano (goat fish) and 2 nunu (trumpet fish), then things picked up for us a bit. Found what we thought was a scattered opelu (mackerel scad) pile, but it turned out to be a school of shibi ko (small yellowfin tuna) and after they destroyed our bait rigs, Gareth landed a 2 pounder...which I (Kevin) forgot to take a picture of and bridled up on our Shimano Tiagra 30W matched with our Shimano Tallus rod and we were ready for something BIG. Fished it for miles without a strike. =/

I rigged up a dead akule (goggle eye) and dragged it around for a few minutes before we took a strike. I saw the jump and told Gareth that it was a small Mahimahi (dorado/dolphin fish) and battled it to the kayak...when I realized that it wasn’t as small as I first thought! Got it beside the kayak, Kage shot to the head, and in the kayak. 12+ pounds of delicious fish! =)

Rigged another bait up and started trolling around a bit again when all of a sudden our Tiagra started SCREAMING! Unfortunately whatever hit our bait sliced through and missed the hook, so we decided to look for bait again and got lucky with a couple kawakawa (wavyback tuna).

It was getting late, so we threw one back and kept one for the lifeguards on the beach. Fun day all in all. More adventures to come!