Marlin Anyone?

Went out to Enjoy The Day...
Took a big strike and line started peeling off our Shimano Tiagra. We cleared lines and got ready for a battle. Little did we know that this battle would last over 3 1/2 hours and would tax our bodies to the max...and little did we know that after all this time we’d lose the marlin when the leader snapped. =(

Totally spent and depressed, we started our long journey to shore. We figured that we should run some kind of lure or bait or something on the way in, so we loaded two with a swimming lure and one with the PredaPro trolling lure with a dead opelu (mackerel scad). Minutes later our Fin-Nor OF9500 spinning reel starts SCREAMING! I look back and out bursts our second marlin for the day!!! Runs, jumps, shakes, and the battle is on again! At the 1 hour mark the marlin started doing circles and we thought he was done, but we were wrong. Long runs after seeing our kayak and we had to try to get back line inch by inch. Finally at 1 1/2 hours into the battle, we sunk the gaff in, grabbed the bill, and hoisted the marlin on our trampoline.


Happy and exhausted we started pedaling our way back to shore. Why didn’t we sail? As luck would have it the wind died out. This time we didn’t set any lines out...we were too exhausted to fight another fish. Got to shore and met up with Chris Paglinawan and Scott Nakasone who both graciously helped us lug all our gear to the truck. Thanks to Jason Hijirida for the PredaPro, Scott, Chris, the Paglinawan Family for helping us weigh and ice down our fish, and our wives for being so patient and letting us fish!