Hobie Demo Day @ Kailua Beach Park

Windward Boats sponsors a Hobie Kayak Demo 6-8 times a year and we were fortunate to be included in this one. The demo earlier this year was the one where we fell in love with the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. We go to Kailua Beach Park around 8AM and Lorraine Garnier and Ryan were already there. We rushed to help set the kayaks up and get them ready for the day.

We had a great day taking people sailing, teaching them about safety, and how the Hobie Kayaks work. Met some wonderful people and reconnected with long lost friends.
Hobie Ti 004
Hobie Ti 008
Hope to see you at the next demo!

First Fish Under Sail

We got our first fish under sail this weekend! The fish we caught before this were either under pedal or were caught while our sail was completely furled, so these were our firsts! We can't even begin to say how stoked we were to get them while sailing!!! I apologize in advance for the long post...like I said, we're stoked to get our first fish while sailing.

The day started off really nice...for paddling. No wind to help us out, so we pedaled out looking for bait while dragging one Crystal Minnow (the blue color Brian on AH uses) and a dead opelu. We just cross the ledge and the outrigger POPS...then nothing. We thought whatever hit it was gone, but a couple of seconds of disappointment later the reel starts screaming! I (Kevin) set the hook and pass the rod to Gareth, then clear the minnow. For a split second we think it's a shark, then we look down and see something about 100' down shining like a mirror...Kagami! We actually though about tagging and releasing him, but kagami sashimi is so good and he swallowed the hook, so we kept him.

We got a few opelu and started trolling them around 4-5 mph (kind of fast for live bait) on and off this ledge just north of Pokai Bay...rigger POPS...STRIKE ONE...fish unbuckles. Rebait and try again...rigger POPS again...STRIKE TWO...fish unbuckles again. Rebait...rigger POPS again...reel starts SCREAMING...fish ON...it's a big mahi! All of a sudden, it seems like the line breaks...Gar reels it up to show the biggest, nastiest PIG TAIL!!!!!!! STRIKE THREE! I had tied that rig the night before and I KNEW I didn't cinch the knot down good, but used the darn rig anyway. BIG MISTAKE! Thank goodness this isn't baseball or we'd be out.

Out of live opelu, so we bait up dead opelu and troll the ledge...zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ...fish on! Jump! Mahi! We keep the sail open and fight it while partially dragging it behind us. Some minutes later it's ready for the kage shot...AND I MISS! I'm usually deadly accurate with my Ahnkochee Kage, but not today. Luckily the fish is hooked good and I get a second chance...this time no miss. 11# Mahi in the boat!

Rebait and run the ledge again...zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...fish on again! Bigger mahi! Same routine - leave the sail open and battle the fish. We get the mahi close and we can't get her to come around the ama! Try and try again, and we still can't get her to come around the ama! Fast forward 5 minutes or so (while videotaping her swimming outside the ama) and she tires. Kage shot to the head and in the boat!

Long day and we're so tired and happy that we forget to take a picture while on the water. We decide that's enough fish for the day and head in. Fun day at sea!

Fun Day on Our Hobie TI

Got to the beach and it was beautiful weather for a day of fishing.  Long story short, we dragged around some bait...small mahimahi (7#).

As soon as we land the mahi, we drop another bait and within 2 minutes...mahimahi (a bit bigger than the first...hoping it's at least 10# so we can have full points for the AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tournament...but it wasn't. 9.1#).

Dragged around another bait and we take a strike that seemed to be an ulua because it swam down like it was looking for a hole to hide in and cut our line. Several screaming runs later we see this beautiful silver streak under water...ono (20.2#)!

Spend the rest of the day trying to get the pelagic trifecta to no avail. Great day on the water even without the trifecta.

Ikaika Clothing Company - Uyeda Brothers' Shirt

Our new sponsor, Ikaika Clothing Company, made a t-shirt design for us! Artist Eddie Garma made a beautiful tribal designed Hobie TI shirt for us. T-shirts are coming out just in time for the Hawaii Ocean Expo this weekend. Shirts will be $20 and will come in S-2XL in white, gray, and bright green/yellow, women's shirt style in S-L - White only.

Ulua & Moana Kali

Fun day on the water today. First of all...my (Kevin) back held up today! Conditions were strange with chop coming from all different directions, wind starting and stopping, and whales all over, but we had fun anyway. We caught the Kali and decided to keep it for the steamer.

About an hour later, we hook up to what we thought was a shark, but to our surprise it was an ulua. We were going to tag and release the ulua, but he swallowed the hook, was bleeding, sharks were around, and we figure he wouldn't have made it...so he'll be dinner for us and the neighbors.