Hooked Up!

Entered a little contest thing on The Fishing Website http://fishing.net.nz for some OWNER hooks and didn’t think anything of it until one day we get an email from Rebecca at Tight Lines http://tightlines.co.nz telling us we won! Just received the package in the mail and opened it up to find $100 worth of OWNER hooks in there for us!!!!!!
Besides not getting to fish that much in 2013, this is turning out to be a banner year for us! Thanks to The Fishing Website and Tight Lines (both out of New Zealand)!

RIP Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS

Retired In Peace Sad Happy

Our first Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS spinning reel will be retired today. We originally purchased it from Roy’s Fishing Supply in 2009 for somewhere around $150. We have mixed emotions because we battled many wonderful fish with this reel.

Notable fish we’ve caught with this reel since January 2009...
194.3# Pacific Blue Marlin - 1/09/2009
80# Ulua (and around a dozen of his little brothers...most tagged and released)
Mahimahi (~35-40...lost count)
Ono (~15-20)
Shibi (~6-8)
Uku (~15)

Parts that needed to be fixed/changed in the 4 1/3 years we’ve owned this reel...
The Clicker Thing and Spring had to be replaced twice. SPECIAL THANKS to the fish who ran so hard they wore it out!

The Dog had to be replace twice. SPECIAL THANKS to the fish who slammed it so hard they crushed it!

And finally...the Handle...couldn’t handle any more strain.

We believe it has held up under the most strenuous test in the World - The UBTT = Uyeda Brother Torture Test. We sprayed it down after fishing...and honestly didn’t always wash it down that well. We did very little maintenance to this reel besides oiling the dog, greasing the drag washers, and greasing the gears once a year.

It’s time for it to take a well-deserved permanent vacation.
Rest In Peace Mr. Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS!

Hawaii Ocean Expo 2013 & Fishing

Had a great time at the Hawaii Ocean Expo. Got to spend time with old and new friends...I thought I had pics, but I guess I didn’t take too many. Hahaha! Isaac “Rocket” Brumaghim was there on both days...for those of you who don’t know who Isaac is (you must have been under a rock or something), he’s the famous kayak fisherman w/Chompy The Shark.

Had some time to kill, so we went on a run on our Hobie TI. Fun day, but not much fish...
Got a couple of Kawelea and a bunch of Opelu, but not much else...Better than nothing I guess... =)