Aloha! We're Kevin & Gareth Uyeda, better known in the kayak fishing world as the Uyeda Brothers. We're from the island of Oahu in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Our parents taught us from a young age to take care of the land and our ocean resources. We are currently volunteer taggers in the Division of Aquatic Resources Papio and Ulua Tagging Project, we always try to leave the beach and ocean cleaner than when we came, and we keep only what we're going to eat (or use as bait the next time out).

We can't really remember when we started kayak fishing, but we've been fishing in one form or another as long as we can remember. After shore fishing with our family we started wading/swimming out to small offshore reefs, then we fished off of our surfboards, which was followed by fishing off an inflatable raft, then borrowed kayaks before we finally got our own kayak. We LOVE kayak fishing because it's all human powered, there's no engine exhaust, we can launch from almost any beach, it's great exercise, and sometimes we come home with something good to eat too! We started kayak fishing very simply with a stock Cobra Tandem kayak, seats, paddles, pfds, and one whipping rod each. We upgraded to an Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXP and were told by many that the Zest isn't a fishing kayak. We modified our rod holders and other things and made it into a fishing kayak that suited our needs. We wanted a kayak that was faster, so we got an Ocean Kayak Cabo, The Green Lady III, and loaded her to the gills with gear. We still wanted more, so we tried out...and LOVED the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island kayak/trimaran/sailboat. She is like our very own Transformer which we can use as a kayak, a kayak with an ama, a kayak with 2 amas, and a full blown trimaran w/2 amas and an 18 foot sail. She is a sight to be seen.

We're fortunate to have met many great people and made good friends through kayak fishing. After kayak fishing for MANY years, we met Travis Kashiwa, one of the best skin divers in the world and all around good guy. Travis's encouragement, inspiration, and tips helped us to go for, and catch, bigger and better things. Our next big influence in Kayak fishing came when we hooked up with Isaac "Rocket" Brumaghim, founder of Aquahunters. Aquahunters has a fantastic kayak fishing forum with members ranging from beginners we call nOObs to professional kayak anglers. The forum is a great place to learn about ocean safety, kayak fishing, and to network with people who are passionate about kayak fishing.

Thanks for taking the time to visit with us!
Kevin & Gareth
The Uyeda Brothers