AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 2

After 3 weeks we finally had a free day to go fishing! We claimed Sunday, February 26, 2012 as day two for us in the 2012 AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tournament.

It seemed like we were going to have great weather for our day 2, and it started off that way. Hardly any wind, no rain, and smooth water greeted us this morning. Saw one of our fellow AquaHunters on the beach w/a buddy getting ready to get on the water when we drove up. Launched MEGATRON about an hour later and started hunting for fish. Rigged up one of our baits and a few minutes later one of our reels start singing our favorite tune...zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...then the reel scream stopped. I thought we lost the fish, but after picking up some line a fish jumped...skinny...silver...Darn, it looked like either a Kaku (Barracuda) or a Aha (Needlefish). Cranked it in and yup, it was a 5-7# Kaku.
We quickly took pictures and released it to fight another day.

Gareth hooked up what we thought was an Opelu, but it ended up being a 2# Kawakawa which I quickly bridled and sent out hoping for a monster fish to gobble up.
We dragged this guy for around 12 miles w/nothing to show for it. He finally died and we packed him in the bag to eat later.

Fished hard all day, but not much to show for it until we caught a Wahanui. Not sure what the English name for this fish is, but we’ve had some success with it in the past, so we rigged him up on our Shimano Tallus rod matched with a Shimano Tiagra 30w and sent him out. Those of you who have been following our progress, the answer is YES, we are using something other than a Fin-Nor reel. We used to exclusively use Fin-Nor, but after a few years of promoting the product (and honestly helping sales to blow up) and not getting any love from the company besides a couple of shirts and caps we decided to just use products from companies who support kayak fishing. There were boats working the area we were in, but nobody was having much success, so they all left. About a minute after the last boat left the area our Tiagra started screaming. If you don’t know what the clicker on a Tiagra sounds like when line is being peeled off the reel you don’t know what you’re missing! I grabbed the rod, pushed the lever drag up to STRIKE and the battle was on. Jump after jump after jump the Mahimahi tried to shake the hook, but had no success because we had our Uyeda Brother Rig on that rod and there’s almost no way for a fish to get off once we hook them. *It’s a secret, so don’t ask. Haha!
The Mahimahi (32#) really gave us a good battle even if being horsed around w/our Shimano combo, but he was finally leadered, Kaged (Japanese Spear Gaff) with our Kage from Uncle Ji Fay, landed, bled, and packed away in our fish bag.

A storm was heading in our direction, so we decided to call it a day and started in. We thought we’d make it to shore before the storm, but about 2 miles out and 5 miles down the coast from our landing the storm caught up with us and gave us a serious butt whooping! As bad as it got (and it was pretty bad at times) we weren’t concerned at all because the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is an AMAZING kayak/trimaran/boat or whatever you want to call it. Big swells, wind, rain, and multidirectional chop are all minor disturbances for the TI. We got in, packed up and jammed home...tired, but so happy with our fishing trip.

The Uyeda Brothers

AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 1

We fixed our broken mast (see 12/19/11 Fishing with Robson Green) and decorated our sail w/some decals (AquaHunters, RealBVoice Water Warrior, C4 Waterman, Zionic,, Windward Boats (it came off) and of course Hobie) and things and were ready for a day of fishing! *Want to rent ad space on our sail? Contact us if you’re interested!

We made our first (of 40) runs for the 2012 AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing (and Diving) Tournament on Saturday, February 4, 2012. The AquaHunters Makahiki is an 8 month long progressive tournament that has some of the best kayak anglers in the world.

We started off the day with some small fish, 3 moano (goat fish) and 2 nunu (trumpet fish), then things picked up for us a bit. Found what we thought was a scattered opelu (mackerel scad) pile, but it turned out to be a school of shibi ko (small yellowfin tuna) and after they destroyed our bait rigs, Gareth landed a 2 pounder...which I (Kevin) forgot to take a picture of and bridled up on our Shimano Tiagra 30W matched with our Shimano Tallus rod and we were ready for something BIG. Fished it for miles without a strike. =/

I rigged up a dead akule (goggle eye) and dragged it around for a few minutes before we took a strike. I saw the jump and told Gareth that it was a small Mahimahi (dorado/dolphin fish) and battled it to the kayak...when I realized that it wasn’t as small as I first thought! Got it beside the kayak, Kage shot to the head, and in the kayak. 12+ pounds of delicious fish! =)

Rigged another bait up and started trolling around a bit again when all of a sudden our Tiagra started SCREAMING! Unfortunately whatever hit our bait sliced through and missed the hook, so we decided to look for bait again and got lucky with a couple kawakawa (wavyback tuna).

It was getting late, so we threw one back and kept one for the lifeguards on the beach. Fun day all in all. More adventures to come!