NEW Enjoy The Day/Uyeda Brother T-shirts

We’re going to have new Enjoy The Day/Uyeda Brother t-shirts for sale in our online store. They are dry fit shirts so they’re more comfortable, but may run a little more than our old cotton t-shirts.
Front of shirt

Back of shirt

Stay tuned for more updates…
*I try to be disciplined and work on the site and our videos, but I’m easily distracted.

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Lots of updates that we can’t show yet and we’ve been in a blackout for a while because…

We’re going to be on the new series on Discovery Channel called Pacific Warriors that should be airing in August. A baker’s dozen of us kayak fishermen/divers from Hawai’i will be featured on the show showing how we fish off of our kayaks, what we do with our fish, and the dangers we encounter on the water.

We’re not sure how Discovery is going to edit all the footage, but we had some epic days fishing and some hair raising/chicken skin days out there during filming. Stay tuned to Discovery Channel and keep an eye out for Pacific Warriors!