One Dozen Fish

All we can say is, WHAT A DAY! grin grin We go looking for bait and can't find any we want to use. End up Catching and releasing 1 weke ula, 1 moana kali, 1 hage, 1 lizard fish...then got one taape (that we kept for the frying pan - darn invasives angry )...Then the fun started...
Since we couldn't find any bait, we decided to run some of our prototype DH Lures and another secret lure.  No, we won't tell you what kind of lure it was.  A few minutes later, the right side outrigger pops...AND the left side outrigger pops...then as UNluck would have it, the two fish cross the lines and our lines are all tangled! A little over under action and we're untangled and we're both have mahimahis on the line! grin grin I (Kevin) land my mahi first because it was a tiny little bugger (7.6#), then Gar lands his mahi (we were HOPING it was over 10, but it fell short 9.25#), there was a follower, but we couldn't get it to strike no matter what we did.

Reset all our rigs, troll around again and BAM...right rigger pops again and reel starts screaming! A short time later we have an
ono circling below us. When it gets closer to the surface we realize that it’s barely hooked! I get the Kage ready leader it up...and this is when I see that the hook is BARELY hanging on to the fish. I make a deep kage shot to the head...and it sticks!!! Pull the ono in the kayak, celebrate w/a high five, and pack it in our fish bag. He later weighed in at 23 pounds! grin

Reset our rigs, clip everything back in the outriggers and troll around for about  a minute. We notice that the rigger s-l-o-w-l-y starts to bend...and (soft) pop and reel starts singing that song we all love so much. zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! A few minutes later, we have a shibi circling below us. I grab the video camera and jam it under water to get some underwater video. Leader it up and right in the kayak! This shibi (yellow fin tuna under 100#) weighs in at 11.1 pounds! grin

We’re so happy at this moment that we start cleaning up the fish blood and slime from out kayak while the lure sits in the water a few feet away. After we clean up, we just get ready to troll when the rigger POPS and we're on again! Minutes later we have what WOULD HAVE been our club (AquaHunters) record
aku (record is 12 pounds), but a small shark took a little bite out of the side about the size of my palm! We weigh the fish at home and it comes in at exactly 12 pounds!!! The shark stole our record!

We just start trolling and something hits, but it’s so small that it can't pop the rigger. This fish doesn’t fight like a normal fish...there are some jumps and a little’s a malolo (flying fish!) About a minute later we have a big malolo in the kayak. We couldn't figure out how to run it live, so we throw it in our livewell and keep it alive while we’re deciding. cheesy

While deciding how to rig the malolo we look a the time and we figure we had enough for one day and start to head back in (while trolling) and zzzzzz! A small
kawakawa hits our lure and a short time later, we have a kawakawa in the kayak (2.3#). Perfect size to bridle up, but it was getting late and we were tired already (total trip was 30.1 miles).  

Ended the day with an offshore trifecta for the AquaHunters Makahiki Tournament that we’re in, and a bunch of fish for the family and neighbors to eat! Think we enjoyed the day?  You bet we did!
grin grin Major mixed plate action!

Ahi Hunting

As many of you know, we’re always looking to battle BIG fish and the next fish on our “hit list” is the elusive Ahi (Tuna over 100#). We decided to go hunting for one on Wednesday, so we loaded up our truck with our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island aka The Uyeda Brother TI Fighter (aka Enjoy The Day aka The Uyeda Brother Waterworld Boat) and decided to make a good, hard run for an Ahi.

We get to our launch spot around 6AM and start rigging our baby up. If you’ve ever seen her all rigged up, you know we have A LOT of “stuff” to rig up.

Our plan was to launch early, look for any live bait we can catch, and sail to some areas we heard Ahis were being hooked up. We catch a bunch of little fish, but nothing we want to use as bait today, then all of a sudden Gareth hooks a small Aku. I’m thrilled, and while bridling it up…I ACCIDENTALLY DROP IT BACK IN THE WATER! Argh! We can’t get another Aku to bite after that, but luckily for us Gareth is great at catching other kinds of bait, so we get some and put them in our Hobie Livewell.

Long story long – We troll around for around 25 miles with only one REAL strike, which turned out to be a shark. By this time, we’re around 5 miles offshore and about 6-7 miles from our truck. We start sailing back to our truck when all of a sudden the wind dies down. Time to pedal back in! Thank goodness we have the Mirage Drive because battling the current back to the truck would have been torture if we were just paddling. The wind was on and off, so we pedaled and sailed as best we could.

Right when we were worried we wouldn’t be able to get back to the truck before the sun went down we take a strike on our center rod, and it’s a good one. The reel screams, then stops. I turn my head to see a nice sized Mahimahi leap and twist out of the water behind us. We clear our other lines, furl the sail, and the battle is on. Many aerial displays and screaming runs later, I (Kevin) have the leader in hand, Kage in the other, and my Kage strike hits the Mahi right in the bone in his head and pops off! I regain my composure and this time I get the Mahi in the kayak.
* Mahi weighed 21 pounds.

We snap a few pics, clean up the kayak, and open our sail hoping to get some wind to take us to the truck. We luck out w/some wind that rushes through one of the valleys and we make it back to the truck before the sun goes down.
A lot of Ahi hunting, but no Ahi to show for it. That’s OK. We enjoyed the day and had a great time fishing. Plus... We’re just letting them get bigger for next time!

2011 Yak Off - Kayak Fishing Tournament

We decided to take our friends’ son, Trek, to fish in the 4th Annual Yak Off - Kayak Fishing Tournament on Saturday, June 11. We didn’t enter because we wanted to give Trek the best chance to win by having him fight all the fish that were hooked that day.

We woke up on Saturday morning to a mild rainstorm. =/ Luckily for us it cleared up while we were driving to the Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club in Haleiwa. Unlucky for everyone in the tournament…the wind and waves picked up and made things very uncomfortable for everyone. Luckily for us we have the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island and the wind and chop were minimized by this super craft.

The plan was to look for live bait then troll to our ulua spot. Problem one…no live bait. Problem two…nothing hit while trolling. Problem three…our ulua spot was barren! Luckily for us, while sailing back to the canoe club we scored a nice little lai. A couple of minutes later, we score our second lai. And finally when we were just about back to the canoe club we get a nice little kawakawa.
Trek weighs his fish in and comes in tied for 3rd place!

Double Mahi Day

Went out for a run with our friend Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan and his friend Mikey on Monday, June 6 and we got lucky with a couple of Mahimahi. There was practically no wind to start off our day, so we pedaled the TI around looking for bait. We get to our first bait spot and nobody was home...this pattern repeated for our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bait spots too!

While searching for bait, we see a nice size mahi jump behind Mikey’s kayak...Fish ON! Two jumps later, it shakes the hook and is gone.

Decided to rig up a dead opelu that we brought with us and a few minutes later we had our first strike...and our first Mahimahi (20+ lbs) in the boat. We shoot a quick pic and start sailing around since the wind picked up.
We end up taking 2 more strikes, but one Mahi shakes the hook and the other just unbuckles! =(

Luckily for us, our friend Chris was on a bait catching mission and got a few. Shared one with us and less than 10 minutes later we have our second Mahi on! After a good battle with this fish we get him in the kayak too.

The conditions get rough for a while, but the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is so stable that we stay out thinking that we’ll be able to load up with more fish. Unluckily for us everything went fish around, no bait around, so we finally decide to head in happy with our two Mahimahis.

For those of you who don’t know, Chris is a fish catching maniac. Here’s his catch from that same day.

*Will post a video on our YouTube channel as soon as I finish editing it.