Testing the New TI Rudder

Hobie TI owners were having issues with the old Twist-And-Stow rudder system, so the Hobie engineers designed a new rudder for the TI. We pick it up from Windward Boats, and find that it is actually the same size and shape as the old rudder, but a little bit heavier. We installed the new rudder with basic tools in a couple of hours one afternoon.

We decide to take it for a test drive since Gareth had something to do later in the day...and we also figured that we may as well fish while testing our new rudder, so we took along all our gear. We pedaled for 3 miles and were very impressed with the new rudder’s performance. The only problem...no fish. We fished the rest of the day with very little action. Catch and release hagi (2) and a moano, but nothing on our new DH lures or on bait.

Right when we were ready to call it a day and started heading in and the reel starts screaming, zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ FISH ON...it’s a mahimahi...that decided to run across our other lines! =( After untangling and clearing lines, the battle was on. A few jumps in we figured it was a decent sized mahi and settled in for a long battle. She towed us around for awhile and we finally got a kage shot on her and she was in the bag.

We decided one fish was enough on this long day, so we started heading in again and the reel goes off again...zzzzzzzzzz. Gar gets excited and pulls the bait away from the fish! He drops it back again, the fish gulps the bait and ZZZZZZZZZZZ...jump! Another mahi...bigger one this time! This one takes a bit longer to land, but we get her into the bag, zip it up, and jam back to shore with HUGE smiles on our faces. Another great day!

We were so excited with our fish that we forgot to take pics while on the water. Hahaha!

May Day!

Whew...it was ROUGH out there, but the Hobie Mirage TI held up like a champ! We started the day meeting up with our friend Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan. Got some bait ready, rigged it up, and zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! We take a big ono strike and the fight was ON! Ono screaming out line and then POP...the ono bites through our leader and is gone. =(

The wind was supposed to be nice and light, but the weatherman was wrong again. Winds picked up to somewhere around 25 mph and we’d normally have to go in, but our TI Fighter handled it with ease. Trolled around more bait and we take a strike...the battle is on once again, and up pops a 17# shibi (yellowfin tuna).

After we landed the shibi the weather got worse, so we opened up our sail and flew in to end our day. =)