Ikaika Clothing Photo Shoot

Had to load up our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island (aka Megatron) on our new trailer to take her down to the beach for Ikaika Clothing Company’s Photo Shoot.

Set up the Uyeda Brothers’ tent...

Took our baby off her trailer and set her up at Haleiwa Beach Park...and the rain came!

The rain stopped, so we opened up our sail and had to snap some pics...

People always want close up shots of our set up, so the next few pics are for you...


The rain cleared up and it was beautiful at the beach!

We still have room on our sail for sponsors! Email if you’re interested in sponsoring us! Get in now while rates are still low! Lol!

Gareth sporting the new Ikaika paddling shirt...

The Garma Brothers looking good out there! Not only Ikaika models, but fantastic artists too!

She’s quite a sight to see...and the beautiful backdrop doesn’t hurt either!

Ikaika candid shots...
*Yes, we’re looking for a shorts sponsor too. Winking

Just have to have the shot of the photographer...

Prolong Your Heritage - Little Ikaika Clothing
The Men of Ikaika...

“Stand on the rocks...Smile...Don’t Smile...” Hahaha!

Post shoot BBQ!

Summer is here...hopefully more fishing pics soon! Happy
The Uyeda Brothers

New Videos! *Finally

One of our friends said, “Hey...when are you making new videos? We’re all waiting!” I (Kevin) have been in a funk because of bad weather and other “stuff”, but I’m out of it now, so here it is everyone! =)

The first video is of a Mahimahi we caught awhile back. I believe it was a little over 32# if I remember correctly.

Second video is of our AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Day 5 (Yup...only fished 5 days for the tournament since February). Hoping to get more days in and more videos posted!

Thanks for watching everyone! ENJOY THE DAY!

AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 5

Finally had a chance to get on the water again to do some fishing and we had a great time on the water video taping and the day didn’t disappoint. We went to our favorite spot, a spot we call Blue Planet, because there are times that there is so much life in the ocean there it looks like you’re watching the Blue Planet DVD! Started off our day with a nice 12# Mahimahi.

We Right after bleeding the Mahimahi and packing him away in our fish bag, I (Kevin) drop a bait back and before we can open our sail, BANG, line goes screaming out of our reel! This time we end up tagging (Ulua Tagging Project Tag #U6368) and releasing a 32” Ulua (estimated weight about 22#).

Less than 5 minutes after tagging and releasing this beautiful fish we take another screamer! This 13# Kahala (Amber Jack) had no chance against our UB custom rod matched with the Fin-Nor 9500 spinning reel loaded with Blackwater Hollow Braid and Shock Leader. Gareth decided to show exactly how stable the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is by posing with the fish while standing and riding backward on our kayak! The Hobie TI is an amazing watercraft to say the least.

Dropped a live bait down and while I’m letting the line out, BANG!!!!! Another strike! We end up landing this beautiful 27.5” Ulua (estimated weight 15#) and we tag and release her to fight again another day. Tag number #U12496

We fished for a bit more, but the weather turned UGLY fast. We opened up our sail and made it to shore just before the squall hit.
What a great day of fishing and sailing! Enjoy The Day!