Marlin Anyone?

Went out to Enjoy The Day...
Took a big strike and line started peeling off our Shimano Tiagra. We cleared lines and got ready for a battle. Little did we know that this battle would last over 3 1/2 hours and would tax our bodies to the max...and little did we know that after all this time we’d lose the marlin when the leader snapped. =(

Totally spent and depressed, we started our long journey to shore. We figured that we should run some kind of lure or bait or something on the way in, so we loaded two with a swimming lure and one with the PredaPro trolling lure with a dead opelu (mackerel scad). Minutes later our Fin-Nor OF9500 spinning reel starts SCREAMING! I look back and out bursts our second marlin for the day!!! Runs, jumps, shakes, and the battle is on again! At the 1 hour mark the marlin started doing circles and we thought he was done, but we were wrong. Long runs after seeing our kayak and we had to try to get back line inch by inch. Finally at 1 1/2 hours into the battle, we sunk the gaff in, grabbed the bill, and hoisted the marlin on our trampoline.


Happy and exhausted we started pedaling our way back to shore. Why didn’t we sail? As luck would have it the wind died out. This time we didn’t set any lines out...we were too exhausted to fight another fish. Got to shore and met up with Chris Paglinawan and Scott Nakasone who both graciously helped us lug all our gear to the truck. Thanks to Jason Hijirida for the PredaPro, Scott, Chris, the Paglinawan Family for helping us weigh and ice down our fish, and our wives for being so patient and letting us fish!



We wanted to start this entry by saying MAHALO to Owner Hooks and Fishing.Net.NZ for all the hooks we won in their contest. Here’s what we did with your hooks the last couple of times out fishing...

First we were visited by our friend Tony...
...Yes, this is a real picture (screen shot from our video)...and Yes, I stuck my hand in the water with the video camera to capture the moment. Hahaha!!!

A while later this Mahimahi decided to pay us a visit...
SAM_0085 we caught her. Gareth battled her up quickly so Tony wouldn’t take a bite, but I got to get a picture with her. =)

Then we were lucky enough to get a second...

...and finally a third!

I guess all we can say is that OWNER HOOKS ARE AWESOME! Hooks used this day - Owner Mutu Light Wire, Owner Mutu Circle, and Owner Gorilla Live Bait hooks. From now on...OWNER all the way!!!

Much Aloha,
Kevin & Gareth
The Uyeda Brothers

RIP Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS

Retired In Peace Sad Happy

Our first Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS spinning reel will be retired today. We originally purchased it from Roy’s Fishing Supply in 2009 for somewhere around $150. We have mixed emotions because we battled many wonderful fish with this reel.

Notable fish we’ve caught with this reel since January 2009...
194.3# Pacific Blue Marlin - 1/09/2009
80# Ulua (and around a dozen of his little brothers...most tagged and released)
Mahimahi (~35-40...lost count)
Ono (~15-20)
Shibi (~6-8)
Uku (~15)

Parts that needed to be fixed/changed in the 4 1/3 years we’ve owned this reel...
The Clicker Thing and Spring had to be replaced twice. SPECIAL THANKS to the fish who ran so hard they wore it out!

The Dog had to be replace twice. SPECIAL THANKS to the fish who slammed it so hard they crushed it!

And finally...the Handle...couldn’t handle any more strain.

We believe it has held up under the most strenuous test in the World - The UBTT = Uyeda Brother Torture Test. We sprayed it down after fishing...and honestly didn’t always wash it down that well. We did very little maintenance to this reel besides oiling the dog, greasing the drag washers, and greasing the gears once a year.

It’s time for it to take a well-deserved permanent vacation.
Rest In Peace Mr. Fin-Nor Offshore 9500 OS!

AquaHunters Makahiki Day 1


Finally threw our hats into the ring for the 2013 AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Tournament. For those of you who don’t know, the AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki is the toughest kayak fishing tournament on Earth! You have 8 months to fish 40 days against some of the greatest kayak fishermen in the world.

The conditions were PERFECT for the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island and off we sailed...
Fishing was really slow for most of the day, but it was an amazing day to be on the water with our TI. She pedaled smoothly and efficiently, sailed flawlessly, and was a joy to be on in the water.
The bite seemed to start to pick up when we caught a little lai (leatherback jack or queenfish) that we caught and released, but sadly we were wrong. =(

We were ready to pack it in and call it a day and were actually heading back to our launch spot when one of our rods started SCREAMING! zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! After a short while the handle of our Fin-Nor 9500 snapped off and was useless to us. Gareth continued to crank what was left of the handle until the ono was right next to my seat and BANG...the Kage struck home and the ono was in my lap!

Video Of The Battle With The Ono...

We were contacted by our friend/Pro Photographer Brian Yamauchi while we were on the water and he said he was on his way to shoot photos at a beach right down the road from where we were, so he stopped and shot some pictures of us from the beach.

When we finally reached shore we shot a few more pictures and packed up for the drive home.
The ono weighed in a little over 41 pounds and was cleaned and shared with family and friends.

Thank you to Windward Boats, Hobie Kayaks, AquaHunters, Ikaika Clothing Company, Ewa Beach Buy and Sell/808 Locate, and for all of you who have been following us on our website!
Gareth and Kevin

Beautiful Day In Hawai'i Nei

We haven’t really been catching too many big fish recently, but we’ve been having some beautiful days out on the water. Here’s one of them...hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed being out there!

Play Day Video!

Video from our play day on the water. Fun times and got lucky with a couple of fish to eat!

Merry Christmas!
Enjoy The Day!
The Uyeda Brothers
Gareth and Kevin

Play Day!

It sure seems like a long time since we’ve caught anything worth posting about. Had a great day on the water with friends around. Ended up with an Uku (Grey Snapper)...

a CnR Wahanui (small tooth jobfish)...

and a Kawakawa (wavy back skipjack) to end our day...
Another great day on the water! Enjoy The Day!
The Uyeda Brothers

Wind Warriors Fishing Day

***Video of the day added 12/09/12***
The Wind Warriors - Sailing & Fishing Day With Hobie Kayak Team Coordinator Kevin “The Kid” Nakada aka Sea Samurai and Cousin Joel Fujii on Hobie Mirage Tandem Islands.
The conditions weren’t ideal and we didn’t catch any monster fish, but we sure had a great day on the water!
We were even visited by a Hawaiian sailing canoe during the day.
No matter what...any day on the water is a good day. Enjoy The Day!

Uyeda Brothers Fishing - Fall 2012

Finally got off my butt and edited some video. Still have a lot of unedited video, so stay tuned!

Thanks for Watching!
Gareth and Kevin
The Uyeda Brothers

Molokai Round 2

Went on a trip to Molokai thanks to Joe Adams and Rita Sierra/Windward Boats/Hobie Kayaks.
Round two (round one was last year)...and the weather got the best of us. Shipped the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island aka Megatron, and a Hobie Mirage Adventure Island (The Boogienator) to Molokai...
...planned to do a NorthEast shore (Halawa Valley) to west shore run, but the rough seas won.
Always thinking safety before crazy we opted to spend the week at the Perell Ohana’s beautiful house on the west side of Molokai.
Got some good fish...good company...good food...good times.
We’ll be back to challenge the elements again one day!

New Videos! *Finally

One of our friends said, “Hey...when are you making new videos? We’re all waiting!” I (Kevin) have been in a funk because of bad weather and other “stuff”, but I’m out of it now, so here it is everyone! =)

The first video is of a Mahimahi we caught awhile back. I believe it was a little over 32# if I remember correctly.

Second video is of our AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Day 5 (Yup...only fished 5 days for the tournament since February). Hoping to get more days in and more videos posted!

Thanks for watching everyone! ENJOY THE DAY!

AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 5

Finally had a chance to get on the water again to do some fishing and we had a great time on the water video taping and the day didn’t disappoint. We went to our favorite spot, a spot we call Blue Planet, because there are times that there is so much life in the ocean there it looks like you’re watching the Blue Planet DVD! Started off our day with a nice 12# Mahimahi.

We Right after bleeding the Mahimahi and packing him away in our fish bag, I (Kevin) drop a bait back and before we can open our sail, BANG, line goes screaming out of our reel! This time we end up tagging (Ulua Tagging Project Tag #U6368) and releasing a 32” Ulua (estimated weight about 22#).

Less than 5 minutes after tagging and releasing this beautiful fish we take another screamer! This 13# Kahala (Amber Jack) had no chance against our UB custom rod matched with the Fin-Nor 9500 spinning reel loaded with Blackwater Hollow Braid and Shock Leader. Gareth decided to show exactly how stable the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is by posing with the fish while standing and riding backward on our kayak! The Hobie TI is an amazing watercraft to say the least.

Dropped a live bait down and while I’m letting the line out, BANG!!!!! Another strike! We end up landing this beautiful 27.5” Ulua (estimated weight 15#) and we tag and release her to fight again another day. Tag number #U12496

We fished for a bit more, but the weather turned UGLY fast. We opened up our sail and made it to shore just before the squall hit.
What a great day of fishing and sailing! Enjoy The Day!

AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 4

The Uyeda Brother AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Day 4 was filled with A LOT of action...but all small fish that we caught and released, so we didn’t take any pictures or submit any for points for our tournament. I guess the big fish all decided to play an April Fools joke on us and not bite. Haha! Better luck next time I guess.

AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 3

Late post...Very late. Life has been getting in our way, so we haven’t been updating our web site. Day 3 of the AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki started off with me (Kevin) forgetting our GPS and our bait at home. Long day on the water with not much to show for it. Had maybe 3 strikes the whole day and ended up with a Nunu (Trumpet Fish) that we caught and released...
and ended with a small Shibi (That we gave to the lifeguard).

AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 2

After 3 weeks we finally had a free day to go fishing! We claimed Sunday, February 26, 2012 as day two for us in the 2012 AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tournament.

It seemed like we were going to have great weather for our day 2, and it started off that way. Hardly any wind, no rain, and smooth water greeted us this morning. Saw one of our fellow AquaHunters on the beach w/a buddy getting ready to get on the water when we drove up. Launched MEGATRON about an hour later and started hunting for fish. Rigged up one of our baits and a few minutes later one of our reels start singing our favorite tune...zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...then the reel scream stopped. I thought we lost the fish, but after picking up some line a fish jumped...skinny...silver...Darn, it looked like either a Kaku (Barracuda) or a Aha (Needlefish). Cranked it in and yup, it was a 5-7# Kaku.
We quickly took pictures and released it to fight another day.

Gareth hooked up what we thought was an Opelu, but it ended up being a 2# Kawakawa which I quickly bridled and sent out hoping for a monster fish to gobble up.
We dragged this guy for around 12 miles w/nothing to show for it. He finally died and we packed him in the bag to eat later.

Fished hard all day, but not much to show for it until we caught a Wahanui. Not sure what the English name for this fish is, but we’ve had some success with it in the past, so we rigged him up on our Shimano Tallus rod matched with a Shimano Tiagra 30w and sent him out. Those of you who have been following our progress, the answer is YES, we are using something other than a Fin-Nor reel. We used to exclusively use Fin-Nor, but after a few years of promoting the product (and honestly helping sales to blow up) and not getting any love from the company besides a couple of shirts and caps we decided to just use products from companies who support kayak fishing. There were boats working the area we were in, but nobody was having much success, so they all left. About a minute after the last boat left the area our Tiagra started screaming. If you don’t know what the clicker on a Tiagra sounds like when line is being peeled off the reel you don’t know what you’re missing! I grabbed the rod, pushed the lever drag up to STRIKE and the battle was on. Jump after jump after jump the Mahimahi tried to shake the hook, but had no success because we had our Uyeda Brother Rig on that rod and there’s almost no way for a fish to get off once we hook them. *It’s a secret, so don’t ask. Haha!
The Mahimahi (32#) really gave us a good battle even if being horsed around w/our Shimano combo, but he was finally leadered, Kaged (Japanese Spear Gaff) with our Kage from Uncle Ji Fay, landed, bled, and packed away in our fish bag.

A storm was heading in our direction, so we decided to call it a day and started in. We thought we’d make it to shore before the storm, but about 2 miles out and 5 miles down the coast from our landing the storm caught up with us and gave us a serious butt whooping! As bad as it got (and it was pretty bad at times) we weren’t concerned at all because the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is an AMAZING kayak/trimaran/boat or whatever you want to call it. Big swells, wind, rain, and multidirectional chop are all minor disturbances for the TI. We got in, packed up and jammed home...tired, but so happy with our fishing trip.

The Uyeda Brothers

AQUAHUNTERS 2012 Makahiki Day 1

We fixed our broken mast (see 12/19/11 Fishing with Robson Green) and decorated our sail w/some decals (AquaHunters, RealBVoice Water Warrior, C4 Waterman, Zionic,, Windward Boats (it came off) and of course Hobie) and things and were ready for a day of fishing! *Want to rent ad space on our sail? Contact us if you’re interested!

We made our first (of 40) runs for the 2012 AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing (and Diving) Tournament on Saturday, February 4, 2012. The AquaHunters Makahiki is an 8 month long progressive tournament that has some of the best kayak anglers in the world.

We started off the day with some small fish, 3 moano (goat fish) and 2 nunu (trumpet fish), then things picked up for us a bit. Found what we thought was a scattered opelu (mackerel scad) pile, but it turned out to be a school of shibi ko (small yellowfin tuna) and after they destroyed our bait rigs, Gareth landed a 2 pounder...which I (Kevin) forgot to take a picture of and bridled up on our Shimano Tiagra 30W matched with our Shimano Tallus rod and we were ready for something BIG. Fished it for miles without a strike. =/

I rigged up a dead akule (goggle eye) and dragged it around for a few minutes before we took a strike. I saw the jump and told Gareth that it was a small Mahimahi (dorado/dolphin fish) and battled it to the kayak...when I realized that it wasn’t as small as I first thought! Got it beside the kayak, Kage shot to the head, and in the kayak. 12+ pounds of delicious fish! =)

Rigged another bait up and started trolling around a bit again when all of a sudden our Tiagra started SCREAMING! Unfortunately whatever hit our bait sliced through and missed the hook, so we decided to look for bait again and got lucky with a couple kawakawa (wavyback tuna).

It was getting late, so we threw one back and kept one for the lifeguards on the beach. Fun day all in all. More adventures to come!

Extreme Fishing with Robson Green

We were contacted by Extreme Fishing with Robson Green to do some fishing on our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island with us. We were thrilled beyond belief to get this call and are raring to go, BUT the weather isn’t cooperating with us right now. Winds are expected to be in the upper 20s with gusts to the lower 30s, but we’re going to give it a shot anyway. Filming will begin at 7:00 AM tomorrow (Tuesday, December 20, 2011).

We will be escorted by Randy Marks from Windward Boats who will be Captaining our support boat, a beautiful 23’ Glasscat that we had the pleasure of using on our trip to Molokai this summer.

The state required us to have a lifeguard on our support boat and thankfully C&C lifeguard Brandon Martin, world class surfer & grandson to Buffalo Keaulana is going to be there for us.

Pray for good weather, good fishing, and a little bit of luck!
The Uyeda Brothers
Kevin & Gareth

Hunting for Monster Fish and Other Things

Fishing has been kind of slow for us recently. I’m not saying we’re not catching fish because we are, but it’s just not the quality or size fish we are looking for. We keep hunting for monster fish, but end up with lots of little fish. Maybe it’s not the time to be hunting giants...Maybe we just have bad timing...Maybe we should stop thinking about it and just fish. Haha!

We’ve updated some of our Kayak Fishing Gear Reviews because we’re trying new things and we’ve had some of our tried and true gear fail us recently.

Sometimes the sunsets at the beach make our whole day better!
We are so fortunate to be blessed with the chance to be around wonderful people and we get to see the most amazing sights while riding around on our Hobie Tandem Island.
Lucky we live Hawaii!
Aloha to all,
The Uyeda Brothers

Aloha is Alive and Well

People all around have been saying that the Aloha Spirit has left Hawaii, but we see differently. We had the pleasure and honor to have been able to share part of our day with the Keaulana Family from the West side of Oahu. We got to the beach and started setting up our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island for a day of fishing and up drives surfing champion Rusty Keaulana, who we’ve met on many occasions at the beach. Rusty made a call to his father, the famous Buffalo Keaulana and to his equally famous brother Brian Keaulana and they both came down to the beach to talk story. The Keaulanas (and friend Bunky) had just purchased 3 TIs and wanted to see how we had ours rigged up for fishing. We were star struck, but tried to keep our composure and show them what we did to modify our TI for fishing in Hawaiian waters.
After talking for a bit, we got our TI in the water and went fishing. Throughout the day we could see the Keaulanas with their hibiscus red TIs sailing around on the inside. We continued fishing and got lucky with a Mahimahi and a Shibi, then headed in to the beach. When we got in, Jimmy and more of the Keaulana family were on the beach just having spent some time with Malika Dudley, Lanai Boy, and a host of other people riding the C4Waterman SUPsquatch. It’s MASSIVE, but not as big as the have to see it to believe it!
An amazing day with people full of Aloha. We feel truly blessed.
“Respect the land, respect the ocean, respect your friends, neighbors, whoever is around.” From

PUKA Tournament

We fished in the AQUAHUNTERS PUKA Tournament on Saturday, September 10, 2011. In short, the PUKA Tournament is FUN! You have to catch fish that will spell “PUKA” to win. In case of a tie, the team with the most weight wins. We partnered with David “Boogie-D” Elgas and made a run for the title, but we fell short only spelling KA for the day. Three teams spelled PUKA, but the winning team (Scott and Byron) had a 50 pound ono and took the title! What a challenging tournament. We’re planning on practicing hard and bringing home the title next year! Winking

It's Been Awhile...

It’s been awhile since we posted a new video on YouTube and we had all this footage just sitting, so I made a collection of catches from the last couple of months. Sorry to say that some fish didn’t make the cut this time. We had some pretty good footage of Nunu (trumpetfish), Weke Ula (red goatfish), a small Mahimahi, and some other fish, but we wanted to keep the video under 10 minutes. Hope you enjoy it!

The Uyeda Brothers

Slow, but got a couple!

Packed our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island on the truck and headed down to the beach for another day on the water.
Had some new damashi flies that our friend Brian Yamauchi tied for us and they worked like a charm! I would post pictures...but it’s a SECRET. Hahaha! Almost all our bait that we caught on this day were caught on the Yamauchi Damashi!

Got our first fish, a 20” Omilu, that we tagged and released so he could grow big and make plenty babies for the future. Pictured below is our tagging kit. We have Papio tags & tagging tool, Ulua tags & tagging tool, pencil, tape measure, and our data card (actually a piece of plastic that I write the data on because paper will not hold up on a kayak).
You have to write the date, measure the fork length, list the species, tag number, and record it on the data card.
The tag is a small yellow spaghetti tag w/the tag number and a little contact info w/phone number. This guy’s tag number is P34473, so if you catch him again, measure him, record the data and call 587-0593. It would be nice to hear how much he grew and how far he travelled no matter if you decide to keep him to eat or release him to grow bigger.

While Gareth was catching more bait I decided to drop some bait to see if anyone was home under water. As luck would have it something hit and the battle was on! After a short battle I pulled up an 8.3# Uku. Gar loves Uku...see the smile on his face? Gareth Uyeda pictured below wearing two Zionic watches - a black and white Z-series and red Original series. Go Zionic - Catch More Fish! Get yours at
We fished hard for the rest of the day, but ended up with nothing else. Got to the beach exhausted and as luck would have it our lifeguard friend Makani was there w/his quad and he towed Megatron right up to our truck! =) Weighed the uku, then gave it to Makani for a party they were having at the beach. All in all a great day!

Buzzer Beater!

Had a day off on Friday, August 19, so we figured what better thing to do than go fishing! =) Stayed up a bit too late on Thursday night, so we got a late start on Friday morning. Got to the beach, unloaded our gear, and started setting up. We realized that morning that have A LOT of stuff on our kayak and we think we’re going to time ourselves the next time we set up our kayak. It must take us 45 min to an hour just to set her up!

We only had 3 pieces of bait, but when I pulled them out of the bag they practically fell apart! Oh no! BUT thankfully for us, Gareth is usually really good at catching bait. We started paddling out to one of our bait spots and we see this boat there, but we figure there’s enough room for all of us...then we notice their little buoy...Damn...they’re netting the Opelu! On Gar’s first drop something slams the damashi rig and starts ripping out line on the little rod...the seems to come off, but then runs again. Gar ends up landing a nice size Weke Ula (red goat fish). We think he had 2 on, but one broke off during the battle. After that he gets a double Nunu (trumpet fish) stike, and finally he manages to get a few Opelu even if the Opelu boat pounded so much Opelu their boat was riding LOW in the water.

Dragged the Opelu around for a while and NOTHING. Not even an Aha strike for HOURS, then zzzz. Small Aha strike which kills our bait. Rebait and zzzz...small Aha strike again. Rebait and zzzz...small Aha strike which killed our last opelu. =(

We paddle back to our spot and catch more. The Opelu boat has finally left the area and the Opelu school is pretty spread out, but we manage a few again before a second Opelu boat comes in and sets up their nets too. =/

Hours and hours of no action again, so we start exploring areas we haven’t fished too often with no action. It’s starting to get late, so we decide to make one more pass at this one ledge before heading in and zzz...zzz...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! At first the strike didn’t seem like an 0no, but a minute into the battle we realize that it is! Video cameras on...ACTION! Screaming run after screaming run and we think he’s done. I get the kage out and he screams our line again! We finally get him in the kayak, snap a few pics, and sail back to our landing with big smiles on our faces.

Papio Open Tournament

We participated in the Coastal Kayak Tours/Windward Boats Paddlers Papio Open on Saturday, August 13, 2011 which was held at the Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club on the North Shore of Oahu. We had a great time in this run, well run tournament. 64 competitors entered to try and catch the biggest Papio (jack under 10#), the biggest Aha (needle fish), and the biggest other fish (Ulua not included). Coastal Kayak Tours has a slot limit for this tournament, so competitors are given a numbered measuring stick w/a string attached to it. Any fish smaller than the stick needs to be released and any fish bigger than the stick and the knot in the string is probably over 10# and should be released too.
We did pretty good considering we don’t really target Papio throughout the year. We ended up with 5 Papio, 1 Aawa, 1 Hage, and 1 Lai for the tournament. We got our first Omilu, but with 64 kayak fishermen in the water we knew a 13”er wouldn’t put us in the money, so we threw it back. Our second Omilu was a little bit bigger, so we kept it and right after putting it in the bag we hooked up a white papio. Conditions were getting bad, but we kept pounding trying to get something bigger and as luck would have it we hooked up with an even bigger white papio. Thinking the weigh in was from 3-5, we stayed out and kept fishing...then around 2:45 we get a call from our friend who was wondering where we were because we had the scale in the truck and I (Kevin) was supposed to be weigh master! We pulled up lines and started sprinting back to the tournament site. We got in and our fish weighed in at 4.98#. Just out of the money, but enough for 4th place!

PPO Results
1st Place - 8.78# Omilu - Isaac “Rocket” Brumaghim
2nd Place - 7.36# Omilu - Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan
3rd Place - 6.52# Omilu - David “Boogie-D” Elgas
4th Place - 4.98# GT - Uyeda Brothers - Gareth & Kevin
5th Place - 4.68# Omilu - Shiloh Oliberos
Biggest Aha - 7.57# - Dustin Young
Biggest Other Fish - 14.3# Kahala - Zack Balmoja
Thank you to David “Boogie-D” Elgas, Trina, Windward Boats, and all the sponsors for this great event.

Double The Fun!

Went fishing on our fully rigged Hobie Mirage Tandem Island (Newly named Megatron) on Sunday, July 22, 2011 at one of our favorite spots. Launched just after sunrise after having a nice talk with our friends on the beach.
Paddled (I always say “paddled”, but now it’s pedaled w/the Hobie Mirage Drive) to a spot that we call Walters or Uncle Walters to look for bait. There usually are Opelu, various goat fish, and other fish we use as live bait at Walter, BUT there wasn’t anyone home when we got there. I (Kevin) rigged up this OLD opelu that we had frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed, frozen, and thawed. Needless to say, this bait was HORRIBLE, but I needed to put something on the line, so this Opelu had to do until we got something fresh. Minutes later our rod starts to bend and the reel starts to SCREAM zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! We just switched all our reels over to Blackwater Hollow Braid line and it sounds a lot different than PowerPro does. The Blackwater line is silky smooth and doesn’t make so much of a whistling sound when going through the guides.

Back to the story... The reel starts to SCREAM and line is flying out of the reel. I grab the rod, set the hook, and the battle is on! I pass the rod to Gareth after he cleared our other lines and set up his fighting station on the right trampoline. The Shibi puts up a great fight and we’re laughing and screaming like little kids while the battle wages on. We finally get the Shibi circling under the kayak, then when he’s finally close enough, Ahnkochee Kage shot to the head! I pull the fish into my lap and start to bleed it out. We cleaned up our areas, Gar packed the fish into our fishbag, and we rerigged another bait.

Fished for a couple hours and got bait, but nothing would take it. The wind picked up, so we decided to do a little slow trolling, and almost immediately take a strike, but it didn’t stick. I reeled in the bait, rerigged again, and let the bait out. As soon as we started slow trolling again, we take another strike and it’s reel singing time again (something that puts a smile on every fisherman’s face). This one is a little spunkier than the first Shibi, so we know it’s a little bigger. The battle goes on and we eventually land this fish and tuck it away into our bag.

We fished for the rest of the day and picked up some valuable bait that we’re saving for our next outing, but no big fish. Weighed the fish at the beach (20.8 lbs and 17.2 lbs), gave one to our friends at the beach, packed up, and went home. Fun day of fishing!
It’s almost the end of our summer break. School starts up on Tuesday, July 26 for us. I guess it’s back to once a week fishing for us. =(

Enjoy the Day!
The Uyeda Brothers

AQUAHUNTERS Mahi Masters 2011

The 2011 AQUAHUNTERS Mahi Masters was held on July 16 and July 17, 2011 and a great time was had by all involved. Special thanks to Isaac “Rocket” Brumaghim for putting on a great tournament. There were 10 two man teams this year competing in the Mahi Masters. Even though the name of the tournament is “Mahi Masters” there are other jackpot fish that can put some cash in your pocket too. We were eager to get this tournament on because we’ve been on a Mahimahi roll for the past month or so, we were the 2009 champs and we wanted the title back, and just because the group of guys we were going to be competing with was a great group.
We started Saturday excited and ready to go. Hit the water at sunrise and it was so winds that we could open our sail and sail out! Bad sign. We like wind, but this area is horrible to fish in when there is that much wind. We plodded on, did whatever we could think of, and WHTEWASHED! One small strike in the middle of the day and nothing for the rest of the day! =(

We decided to try another spot on Sunday because we’ve been having success with that spot recently. Minutes into the day things are looking up. Gareth caught bait right away and the ocean seemed alive! All of a sudden...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! One of our reels, loaded with Blackwater Hollow Braid, starts to scream! We set the hook, and the battle is on! Back and forth, left and right, up and down! This fish doesn’t want to give up! We finally get a look and we see that it’s a Shibi (Yellow Fin Tuna under 100#). We get it to leader and think that it’s done, but the fish had other ideas and screamed out line again! This pattern continued until the fish finally tired and I gave it a Kage (kayak fishing kill spear) shot to the head and brought it onboard.

Dropped another bait and it started getting nervous...there’s a predator fish around...zzzzz...zzzzz...ZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Another fish on! This time we knew it was a Shibi...and it felt bigger than the first! After a few minutes the Shibi starts going wild, then all of a sudden stopped fighting and was just dead weight. When we brought it up, we saw why. A shark had decided to “tax” us by taking a third of the shibi for himself to eat.


Still time in the day to try and get a Mahi, but the rest of the day was spent wishing and wanting, but only getting a couple of Ta’ape (invasive fish, but good eating). We sailed in, packed up and rushed to the scales. We are the last competitors to arrive and the weighmaster started the scales up!

The first “jackpot” species to be weighed was the Ta’ape, and luckily for us we had 2! (Should have read the rules more carefully. Haha!) Isaac weighed his Ta’ape first and it came to a whopping 9 was my turn...I take our Ta’ape up, hook it onto the scale and it comes out 10 ounces...then blinks back to 9...then to 10 again! We won the Ta’ape jackpot by one ounce!

The tournament weigh in went Taape, Goat fish, Aha, Jack, Kaku, Kamanu, Kawakawa, Uku, Shibi, Ono, then the Mahis. Unluckily for us we didn’t have other fish to weigh until the Shibi category, but other people did, and many impressive fish came to the scale.
Aloha Gannon, won 4 of the categories! Biggest goat fish (2 lbs 1 oz), biggest Aha (10 lbs 12 oz), biggest Uku (10 lbs 2 oz), and biggest Ono (32 lbs 15 oz).

Biggest Omilu (Blue Fin Trevally) - Isaac Brumaghim (18 lbs 3 oz)
Biggest Ulua (Giant Trevally) - Ho’ala Greevy (51 lbs)
Biggest Kawakawa (Wavyback Tuna) - David “Boogie-D” Elgas (15 lbs)
Biggest Shibi - “Mahi Mike” Ichiyama (22 lbs 7 oz)
Biggest Bull Mahimahi - Josh Dela Cruz 20 lbs 7 oz
Biggest 2 Mahis (and new Mahi Masters Champions) - David Elgas (17 lbs 4 oz) + Rob Hall (12 lbs 13 oz) = 30 lbs 1 oz

Some food and “refreshments” after made this a very enjoyable day!

Test Drive!

We decided that we needed to do a test drive of Megatron before the Mahi Masters Tournament. We decided to drag some lines while testing just for fun and ended up with a 40# Ono! She doesn’t look too big on the table, but she didn’t fit in our 5’ fish bag!

It was rough and windy, but Megatron held together with no problem. Our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is ready for the Mahi Masters now! =) Best wishes to all the tournament contestants! We’ll do our best... and we’ll try to get the report up here on by Monday night.

Personal Best Tag and Release Ulua

We tagged and released our personal best Ulua on July 11, 20011. Her fork length was 46” which makes her weight around 65# according to the Papio and Ulua Tagging data. Ulua Tag Number U6367. We have video of the release, but we didn’t take any pictures, but we posted a short video on YouTube.

We also caught a 12# Uku and a 14# Mahimahi that day. Pictured Below.

We had a part break on our TI (now being called MEGATRON on the AquaHunters Forum) and had to make a quick fix because the Mahi Masters is this weekend (Saturday, July 16-17). Report on Monday!


Thanks to Aunty Joyce Kainoa (owner of the house we stayed at in Haupu Bay) and Joe Adams (owner of Windward Boats) we had the opportunity to go to Molokai with Joe Adams, John “Caveman” Gray, Ikaika Adams, and David “Boogie-D” Elgas.

We were going there on two boats, The 26’ Glacier Bay Catamarans Cuddy 2670 and the 23’2” Glascon Powercat Glasscat (designed by Joe Adams). We took a Hobie Mirage Adventure, a Hobie Mirage Outfitter tandem, and the Hobie Mirage i12S inflatable kayak on this trip.


We strapped the Adventure and the Outfitter kayaks to the roof of the Glacier Bay and the i12S was packed nicely in the travel bag and secured in the Glasscat.


We launched from Hawaii Kai Boat Harbor and we started to FLY to Molokai across the channel to the west shore of Molokai.

The winds were whipping and the seas were pretty rough. Then all of a sudden, the kayaks buckled from the roof of the Glacier Bay! We ended up trying to lash them down in the Molokai Channel, but it was too rough to do so safely, so we drove back to Hawaii Kai and strapped them down better.

Once everything was tied down and secure we fired the motors up and started to FLY again!

When I said “FLY” I really meant FLY!!!!!
The Glacier Bay and the Glasscat handled the conditions with ease! We almost lost the Bimini top on the Glasscat around 3 times on trip to Molokai. We tied it down the best we could and motored on. The pounding our bodies took on the trip that’s another story. Hahaha!

We reach Molokai and take a short break before going around Ilio Point to Aunty Joyce’s house in Haupu Bay. On the way to Ilio Point the Bimini top flies completely off! We retie it down and motor on again.

This is my (Kevin) first trip to Molokai and all I can say is Molokai is BEAUTIFUL!

We took a short break at Kalaupapa.

Father Damien’s Church (The second church)

The valleys and sea cliffs were breathtaking.

Joe took us through a sea cave on the way to Haupu.
After the sea cave, we got our first glimpse of Aunty Joyce’s house.

Kimo and family were there fixing the valve for the water that was piped in from the stream to the house. They were just leaving when we got there.

We were told that there was a steep switchback trail that we needed to climb to get to the house...we honestly underestimated the difficulty of carrying coolers and all our gear up the trail.

The view from the house was amazing!

We decided to do a little kayak fishing even if our bodies were aching.

We were targeting pelagic fish, but there were no takers. We decided to do a little light bottom fishing and ended up with a few goatfish and a big nabeta. Boogie found a ledge and started working it looking for ukus, but ended up with 3 ulua for the day.

We took a break after fishing to check out this waterfall that we saw on the way to Haupu Bay. Our camera battery died right when we got there, so we don’t have pictures of us in the waterfall. The waterfall was one of the highlights of our trip!

Our bodies were too sore to fish on the last day, so we decided to fish off the boat...kayak style. We found a ledge, marked some fish, dropped our baits, and hooked up! Ulua, Omilu Ulua, and a Mu!

We wanted to stay a month, but had to leave. We sadly packed up the boats and motored back to Oahu.
This was a trip we will always remember as long as we live. Big MAHALO to the Kainoa Ohana, Joe, Caveman, Lorraine, the Windward Boats Crew, Hobie, and everyone who made this trip possible.

One Dozen Fish

All we can say is, WHAT A DAY! grin grin We go looking for bait and can't find any we want to use. End up Catching and releasing 1 weke ula, 1 moana kali, 1 hage, 1 lizard fish...then got one taape (that we kept for the frying pan - darn invasives angry )...Then the fun started...
Since we couldn't find any bait, we decided to run some of our prototype DH Lures and another secret lure.  No, we won't tell you what kind of lure it was.  A few minutes later, the right side outrigger pops...AND the left side outrigger pops...then as UNluck would have it, the two fish cross the lines and our lines are all tangled! A little over under action and we're untangled and we're both have mahimahis on the line! grin grin I (Kevin) land my mahi first because it was a tiny little bugger (7.6#), then Gar lands his mahi (we were HOPING it was over 10, but it fell short 9.25#), there was a follower, but we couldn't get it to strike no matter what we did.

Reset all our rigs, troll around again and BAM...right rigger pops again and reel starts screaming! A short time later we have an
ono circling below us. When it gets closer to the surface we realize that it’s barely hooked! I get the Kage ready leader it up...and this is when I see that the hook is BARELY hanging on to the fish. I make a deep kage shot to the head...and it sticks!!! Pull the ono in the kayak, celebrate w/a high five, and pack it in our fish bag. He later weighed in at 23 pounds! grin

Reset our rigs, clip everything back in the outriggers and troll around for about  a minute. We notice that the rigger s-l-o-w-l-y starts to bend...and (soft) pop and reel starts singing that song we all love so much. zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! A few minutes later, we have a shibi circling below us. I grab the video camera and jam it under water to get some underwater video. Leader it up and right in the kayak! This shibi (yellow fin tuna under 100#) weighs in at 11.1 pounds! grin

We’re so happy at this moment that we start cleaning up the fish blood and slime from out kayak while the lure sits in the water a few feet away. After we clean up, we just get ready to troll when the rigger POPS and we're on again! Minutes later we have what WOULD HAVE been our club (AquaHunters) record
aku (record is 12 pounds), but a small shark took a little bite out of the side about the size of my palm! We weigh the fish at home and it comes in at exactly 12 pounds!!! The shark stole our record!

We just start trolling and something hits, but it’s so small that it can't pop the rigger. This fish doesn’t fight like a normal fish...there are some jumps and a little’s a malolo (flying fish!) About a minute later we have a big malolo in the kayak. We couldn't figure out how to run it live, so we throw it in our livewell and keep it alive while we’re deciding. cheesy

While deciding how to rig the malolo we look a the time and we figure we had enough for one day and start to head back in (while trolling) and zzzzzz! A small
kawakawa hits our lure and a short time later, we have a kawakawa in the kayak (2.3#). Perfect size to bridle up, but it was getting late and we were tired already (total trip was 30.1 miles).  

Ended the day with an offshore trifecta for the AquaHunters Makahiki Tournament that we’re in, and a bunch of fish for the family and neighbors to eat! Think we enjoyed the day?  You bet we did!
grin grin Major mixed plate action!

Ahi Hunting

As many of you know, we’re always looking to battle BIG fish and the next fish on our “hit list” is the elusive Ahi (Tuna over 100#). We decided to go hunting for one on Wednesday, so we loaded up our truck with our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island aka The Uyeda Brother TI Fighter (aka Enjoy The Day aka The Uyeda Brother Waterworld Boat) and decided to make a good, hard run for an Ahi.

We get to our launch spot around 6AM and start rigging our baby up. If you’ve ever seen her all rigged up, you know we have A LOT of “stuff” to rig up.

Our plan was to launch early, look for any live bait we can catch, and sail to some areas we heard Ahis were being hooked up. We catch a bunch of little fish, but nothing we want to use as bait today, then all of a sudden Gareth hooks a small Aku. I’m thrilled, and while bridling it up…I ACCIDENTALLY DROP IT BACK IN THE WATER! Argh! We can’t get another Aku to bite after that, but luckily for us Gareth is great at catching other kinds of bait, so we get some and put them in our Hobie Livewell.

Long story long – We troll around for around 25 miles with only one REAL strike, which turned out to be a shark. By this time, we’re around 5 miles offshore and about 6-7 miles from our truck. We start sailing back to our truck when all of a sudden the wind dies down. Time to pedal back in! Thank goodness we have the Mirage Drive because battling the current back to the truck would have been torture if we were just paddling. The wind was on and off, so we pedaled and sailed as best we could.

Right when we were worried we wouldn’t be able to get back to the truck before the sun went down we take a strike on our center rod, and it’s a good one. The reel screams, then stops. I turn my head to see a nice sized Mahimahi leap and twist out of the water behind us. We clear our other lines, furl the sail, and the battle is on. Many aerial displays and screaming runs later, I (Kevin) have the leader in hand, Kage in the other, and my Kage strike hits the Mahi right in the bone in his head and pops off! I regain my composure and this time I get the Mahi in the kayak.
* Mahi weighed 21 pounds.

We snap a few pics, clean up the kayak, and open our sail hoping to get some wind to take us to the truck. We luck out w/some wind that rushes through one of the valleys and we make it back to the truck before the sun goes down.
A lot of Ahi hunting, but no Ahi to show for it. That’s OK. We enjoyed the day and had a great time fishing. Plus... We’re just letting them get bigger for next time!

2011 Yak Off - Kayak Fishing Tournament

We decided to take our friends’ son, Trek, to fish in the 4th Annual Yak Off - Kayak Fishing Tournament on Saturday, June 11. We didn’t enter because we wanted to give Trek the best chance to win by having him fight all the fish that were hooked that day.

We woke up on Saturday morning to a mild rainstorm. =/ Luckily for us it cleared up while we were driving to the Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club in Haleiwa. Unlucky for everyone in the tournament…the wind and waves picked up and made things very uncomfortable for everyone. Luckily for us we have the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island and the wind and chop were minimized by this super craft.

The plan was to look for live bait then troll to our ulua spot. Problem one…no live bait. Problem two…nothing hit while trolling. Problem three…our ulua spot was barren! Luckily for us, while sailing back to the canoe club we scored a nice little lai. A couple of minutes later, we score our second lai. And finally when we were just about back to the canoe club we get a nice little kawakawa.
Trek weighs his fish in and comes in tied for 3rd place!

Double Mahi Day

Went out for a run with our friend Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan and his friend Mikey on Monday, June 6 and we got lucky with a couple of Mahimahi. There was practically no wind to start off our day, so we pedaled the TI around looking for bait. We get to our first bait spot and nobody was home...this pattern repeated for our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bait spots too!

While searching for bait, we see a nice size mahi jump behind Mikey’s kayak...Fish ON! Two jumps later, it shakes the hook and is gone.

Decided to rig up a dead opelu that we brought with us and a few minutes later we had our first strike...and our first Mahimahi (20+ lbs) in the boat. We shoot a quick pic and start sailing around since the wind picked up.
We end up taking 2 more strikes, but one Mahi shakes the hook and the other just unbuckles! =(

Luckily for us, our friend Chris was on a bait catching mission and got a few. Shared one with us and less than 10 minutes later we have our second Mahi on! After a good battle with this fish we get him in the kayak too.

The conditions get rough for a while, but the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is so stable that we stay out thinking that we’ll be able to load up with more fish. Unluckily for us everything went fish around, no bait around, so we finally decide to head in happy with our two Mahimahis.

For those of you who don’t know, Chris is a fish catching maniac. Here’s his catch from that same day.

*Will post a video on our YouTube channel as soon as I finish editing it.

Testing the New TI Rudder

Hobie TI owners were having issues with the old Twist-And-Stow rudder system, so the Hobie engineers designed a new rudder for the TI. We pick it up from Windward Boats, and find that it is actually the same size and shape as the old rudder, but a little bit heavier. We installed the new rudder with basic tools in a couple of hours one afternoon.

We decide to take it for a test drive since Gareth had something to do later in the day...and we also figured that we may as well fish while testing our new rudder, so we took along all our gear. We pedaled for 3 miles and were very impressed with the new rudder’s performance. The only fish. We fished the rest of the day with very little action. Catch and release hagi (2) and a moano, but nothing on our new DH lures or on bait.

Right when we were ready to call it a day and started heading in and the reel starts screaming, zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ FISH’s a mahimahi...that decided to run across our other lines! =( After untangling and clearing lines, the battle was on. A few jumps in we figured it was a decent sized mahi and settled in for a long battle. She towed us around for awhile and we finally got a kage shot on her and she was in the bag.

We decided one fish was enough on this long day, so we started heading in again and the reel goes off again...zzzzzzzzzz. Gar gets excited and pulls the bait away from the fish! He drops it back again, the fish gulps the bait and ZZZZZZZZZZZ...jump! Another mahi...bigger one this time! This one takes a bit longer to land, but we get her into the bag, zip it up, and jam back to shore with HUGE smiles on our faces. Another great day!

We were so excited with our fish that we forgot to take pics while on the water. Hahaha!

May Day! was ROUGH out there, but the Hobie Mirage TI held up like a champ! We started the day meeting up with our friend Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan. Got some bait ready, rigged it up, and zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! We take a big ono strike and the fight was ON! Ono screaming out line and then POP...the ono bites through our leader and is gone. =(

The wind was supposed to be nice and light, but the weatherman was wrong again. Winds picked up to somewhere around 25 mph and we’d normally have to go in, but our TI Fighter handled it with ease. Trolled around more bait and we take a strike...the battle is on once again, and up pops a 17# shibi (yellowfin tuna).

After we landed the shibi the weather got worse, so we opened up our sail and flew in to end our day. =)

First Fish Under Sail

We got our first fish under sail this weekend! The fish we caught before this were either under pedal or were caught while our sail was completely furled, so these were our firsts! We can't even begin to say how stoked we were to get them while sailing!!! I apologize in advance for the long I said, we're stoked to get our first fish while sailing.

The day started off really nice...for paddling. No wind to help us out, so we pedaled out looking for bait while dragging one Crystal Minnow (the blue color Brian on AH uses) and a dead opelu. We just cross the ledge and the outrigger POPS...then nothing. We thought whatever hit it was gone, but a couple of seconds of disappointment later the reel starts screaming! I (Kevin) set the hook and pass the rod to Gareth, then clear the minnow. For a split second we think it's a shark, then we look down and see something about 100' down shining like a mirror...Kagami! We actually though about tagging and releasing him, but kagami sashimi is so good and he swallowed the hook, so we kept him.

We got a few opelu and started trolling them around 4-5 mph (kind of fast for live bait) on and off this ledge just north of Pokai Bay...rigger POPS...STRIKE unbuckles. Rebait and try again...rigger POPS again...STRIKE unbuckles again. Rebait...rigger POPS again...reel starts's a big mahi! All of a sudden, it seems like the line breaks...Gar reels it up to show the biggest, nastiest PIG TAIL!!!!!!! STRIKE THREE! I had tied that rig the night before and I KNEW I didn't cinch the knot down good, but used the darn rig anyway. BIG MISTAKE! Thank goodness this isn't baseball or we'd be out.

Out of live opelu, so we bait up dead opelu and troll the on! Jump! Mahi! We keep the sail open and fight it while partially dragging it behind us. Some minutes later it's ready for the kage shot...AND I MISS! I'm usually deadly accurate with my Ahnkochee Kage, but not today. Luckily the fish is hooked good and I get a second chance...this time no miss. 11# Mahi in the boat!

Rebait and run the ledge on again! Bigger mahi! Same routine - leave the sail open and battle the fish. We get the mahi close and we can't get her to come around the ama! Try and try again, and we still can't get her to come around the ama! Fast forward 5 minutes or so (while videotaping her swimming outside the ama) and she tires. Kage shot to the head and in the boat!

Long day and we're so tired and happy that we forget to take a picture while on the water. We decide that's enough fish for the day and head in. Fun day at sea!

Fun Day on Our Hobie TI

Got to the beach and it was beautiful weather for a day of fishing.  Long story short, we dragged around some bait...small mahimahi (7#).

As soon as we land the mahi, we drop another bait and within 2 minutes...mahimahi (a bit bigger than the first...hoping it's at least 10# so we can have full points for the AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tournament...but it wasn't. 9.1#).

Dragged around another bait and we take a strike that seemed to be an ulua because it swam down like it was looking for a hole to hide in and cut our line. Several screaming runs later we see this beautiful silver streak under water...ono (20.2#)!

Spend the rest of the day trying to get the pelagic trifecta to no avail. Great day on the water even without the trifecta.

Ulua & Moana Kali

Fun day on the water today. First of (Kevin) back held up today! Conditions were strange with chop coming from all different directions, wind starting and stopping, and whales all over, but we had fun anyway. We caught the Kali and decided to keep it for the steamer.

About an hour later, we hook up to what we thought was a shark, but to our surprise it was an ulua. We were going to tag and release the ulua, but he swallowed the hook, was bleeding, sharks were around, and we figure he wouldn't have made he'll be dinner for us and the neighbors.

The Start Of A New Era

This is how our fishing journey has been going... shore fishing ->wading out to outer reefs -> fishing off of our surfboards -> fishing from a rubber raft -> kayak fishing -> and now we're here.

We finally got tired of using inferior brands of kayaks and have graduated to a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island!  As you all know, it's like having our very own Transformer!  At first we planned on only getting the hull to fish from, then one beautiful, sunny day, we went down to Kailua Beach and David "Boogie-D" Elgas got us HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER! After that demo and pedaling her in kayak mode we were IN LOVE!!!!!  We've only done a short sail so far just to get the kinks out, but have fished her in kayak mode and she worked like a charm.  We're looking forward to a steep learning curve and we believe this will push our fishing to a whole new level.