Kayak Mods

2013 Hobie MIrage Tandem Island

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently...

Stripped our old Hobie Mirage Tandem Island of ALL our things. We didn’t realize how many things we add onto our kayaks!

Here she is...bare bones (except for stickers here and there)

Talk about mixed emotions! We drove up to Windward Boats w/our Megatron to see our new baby packed up and waiting outside for us.

Strapped the box of goodies (Amas, Akas, Mirage Drives, Paddles, Seats, etc) on the racks and strapped the new kayak (still in the wrapper) to our EZ Loader kayak trailer.

Got back to Wahiawa kind of late, so we unpacked and unwrapped our new baby the next day. Yes, we know she looks the same as our old Hobie Mirage Tandem Island, but there are quite a few improvements in this model.

Hobie improved the rudder/rudder lines, Ama bungees, seat posts, Mirage Drives, Aka support beam, Aka paint (so no more chipping and peeling), front hatch gaskets, and mast bolt. We improved our roll bar, rod holder mount, and our transducer mounting ring. =)

Gareth tricking out our sailing main line... (Don’t ask...it’s a secret. Haha!)

We installed our sonar and GPS...
We di
Bolted in our rod holder track w/improved mounts...No drilling necessary! =)

Our new roll bar/sail main line riser now has 2 mounts for our GoPro cameras, a wider headrest, and a few other secret things...

Here’s Gareth mounting our Lamiglas Kayak Outrigger holders.

And last, but not least, we put together our mast and sail.

We’re ready for some good times on the water...and if we’re lucky enough maybe some HUGE FISH to bring home to share with our family and friends! Enjoy The Day, Everyone!

Gareth and Kevin
The Uyeda Brothers

Roll Bar/Main Line Riser/Sail Riser/Rod Holder

I (Kevin) have no idea what to call this thing, but we get a lot of requests for measurements, so here it is! =) I originally made this line holder because I sit in the back of our TI and I got tired of getting hit in the head every time we tacked. It went from a main line riser -> riser w/shotgun rod holders -> riser w/shotgun rod holders w/GoPro Camera mount.
It’s made with 1 1/4” PVC (1 1/2” for the shotgun rod holder part) and was quite simple to make.
1. I built ours so that it would go around the Hobie Livewell yet have strength even in the bottom section.
2. I’m 5’6” tall and the line holder is made for my height.
3. The measurements include the 1” that each piece of PVC goes into the fittings
4. They make this nice cap that fits into the “T” piece that fits the GoPro mount nicely. =)
5. The first line holder I made was built on a single post, but the pressure of the lines against it in higher winds (15mph sustained) snapped it off like a twig.

Our Hobie TI In All Her Glory

We took our baby, Enjoy The Day, down to Haleiwa Beach Park with our friend/photographer Brian Yamauchi to do a photo shoot.

Here she is in all her glory!

Checking out the conditions...

Time to sail!

BIG Mahalo to Loraine Garnier, Hobie Kayaks, Windward Boats, AquaHunters, 808 Locate. Photos by Brian Yamauchi

Riggin Her Up!

We've started rigging our new baby up. At first we just wanted to get her on the water, so we kind of rushed and threw things together. PVC rod holders tied on with zip ties and rope to the rear aka mounts, fish finder wedged in w/transducer hanging off the side of the kayak, etc.

First day out...One Fish,

Two fish,

Green fish, blue fish

Now we're getting serious and have been rigging her to the gills.

Hobie LIvewell...


Rod Holders and Outriggers...


Storm was rolling in, so we had to move her inside the garage to install spray skirts...

Will post more pics when we're done! Don't turn that dial! =)