AquaHunters Makahiki Day 1


Finally threw our hats into the ring for the 2013 AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Tournament. For those of you who don’t know, the AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki is the toughest kayak fishing tournament on Earth! You have 8 months to fish 40 days against some of the greatest kayak fishermen in the world.

The conditions were PERFECT for the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island and off we sailed...
Fishing was really slow for most of the day, but it was an amazing day to be on the water with our TI. She pedaled smoothly and efficiently, sailed flawlessly, and was a joy to be on in the water.
The bite seemed to start to pick up when we caught a little lai (leatherback jack or queenfish) that we caught and released, but sadly we were wrong. =(

We were ready to pack it in and call it a day and were actually heading back to our launch spot when one of our rods started SCREAMING! zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! After a short while the handle of our Fin-Nor 9500 snapped off and was useless to us. Gareth continued to crank what was left of the handle until the ono was right next to my seat and BANG...the Kage struck home and the ono was in my lap!

Video Of The Battle With The Ono...

We were contacted by our friend/Pro Photographer Brian Yamauchi while we were on the water and he said he was on his way to shoot photos at a beach right down the road from where we were, so he stopped and shot some pictures of us from the beach.

When we finally reached shore we shot a few more pictures and packed up for the drive home.
The ono weighed in a little over 41 pounds and was cleaned and shared with family and friends.

Thank you to Windward Boats, Hobie Kayaks, AquaHunters, Ikaika Clothing Company, Ewa Beach Buy and Sell/808 Locate, and for all of you who have been following us on our website!
Gareth and Kevin

Beautiful Day In Hawai'i Nei

We haven’t really been catching too many big fish recently, but we’ve been having some beautiful days out on the water. Here’s one of them...hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed being out there!

Play Day Video!

Video from our play day on the water. Fun times and got lucky with a couple of fish to eat!

Merry Christmas!
Enjoy The Day!
The Uyeda Brothers
Gareth and Kevin

Uyeda Brothers Fishing - Fall 2012

Finally got off my butt and edited some video. Still have a lot of unedited video, so stay tuned!

Thanks for Watching!
Gareth and Kevin
The Uyeda Brothers

New Videos! *Finally

One of our friends said, “Hey...when are you making new videos? We’re all waiting!” I (Kevin) have been in a funk because of bad weather and other “stuff”, but I’m out of it now, so here it is everyone! =)

The first video is of a Mahimahi we caught awhile back. I believe it was a little over 32# if I remember correctly.

Second video is of our AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Day 5 (Yup...only fished 5 days for the tournament since February). Hoping to get more days in and more videos posted!

Thanks for watching everyone! ENJOY THE DAY!

Tachyon Micro HD Camera

We haven’t been fishing much lately because November is a busy month for our family (and the fishing has been slow on Oahu). Got our birthday present to ourselves today! We’re going to be putting the Tachyon Micro HD video camera through the UBTT (Uyeda Brother Torture Test). So excited to shoot some video with it!

Stay tuned for some new videos!

Kevin & Gareth
The Uyeda Brothers

It's Been Awhile...

It’s been awhile since we posted a new video on YouTube and we had all this footage just sitting, so I made a collection of catches from the last couple of months. Sorry to say that some fish didn’t make the cut this time. We had some pretty good footage of Nunu (trumpetfish), Weke Ula (red goatfish), a small Mahimahi, and some other fish, but we wanted to keep the video under 10 minutes. Hope you enjoy it!

The Uyeda Brothers

Personal Best Tag and Release Ulua

We tagged and released our personal best Ulua on July 11, 20011. Her fork length was 46” which makes her weight around 65# according to the Papio and Ulua Tagging data. Ulua Tag Number U6367. We have video of the release, but we didn’t take any pictures, but we posted a short video on YouTube.

We also caught a 12# Uku and a 14# Mahimahi that day. Pictured Below.

We had a part break on our TI (now being called MEGATRON on the AquaHunters Forum) and had to make a quick fix because the Mahi Masters is this weekend (Saturday, July 16-17). Report on Monday!