Double The Fun!

Went fishing on our fully rigged Hobie Mirage Tandem Island (Newly named Megatron) on Sunday, July 22, 2011 at one of our favorite spots. Launched just after sunrise after having a nice talk with our friends on the beach.
Paddled (I always say “paddled”, but now it’s pedaled w/the Hobie Mirage Drive) to a spot that we call Walters or Uncle Walters to look for bait. There usually are Opelu, various goat fish, and other fish we use as live bait at Walter, BUT there wasn’t anyone home when we got there. I (Kevin) rigged up this OLD opelu that we had frozen, thawed, frozen, thawed, frozen, and thawed. Needless to say, this bait was HORRIBLE, but I needed to put something on the line, so this Opelu had to do until we got something fresh. Minutes later our rod starts to bend and the reel starts to SCREAM zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! We just switched all our reels over to Blackwater Hollow Braid line and it sounds a lot different than PowerPro does. The Blackwater line is silky smooth and doesn’t make so much of a whistling sound when going through the guides.

Back to the story... The reel starts to SCREAM and line is flying out of the reel. I grab the rod, set the hook, and the battle is on! I pass the rod to Gareth after he cleared our other lines and set up his fighting station on the right trampoline. The Shibi puts up a great fight and we’re laughing and screaming like little kids while the battle wages on. We finally get the Shibi circling under the kayak, then when he’s finally close enough, Ahnkochee Kage shot to the head! I pull the fish into my lap and start to bleed it out. We cleaned up our areas, Gar packed the fish into our fishbag, and we rerigged another bait.

Fished for a couple hours and got bait, but nothing would take it. The wind picked up, so we decided to do a little slow trolling, and almost immediately take a strike, but it didn’t stick. I reeled in the bait, rerigged again, and let the bait out. As soon as we started slow trolling again, we take another strike and it’s reel singing time again (something that puts a smile on every fisherman’s face). This one is a little spunkier than the first Shibi, so we know it’s a little bigger. The battle goes on and we eventually land this fish and tuck it away into our bag.

We fished for the rest of the day and picked up some valuable bait that we’re saving for our next outing, but no big fish. Weighed the fish at the beach (20.8 lbs and 17.2 lbs), gave one to our friends at the beach, packed up, and went home. Fun day of fishing!
It’s almost the end of our summer break. School starts up on Tuesday, July 26 for us. I guess it’s back to once a week fishing for us. =(

Enjoy the Day!
The Uyeda Brothers