Hunting for Monster Fish and Other Things

Fishing has been kind of slow for us recently. I’m not saying we’re not catching fish because we are, but it’s just not the quality or size fish we are looking for. We keep hunting for monster fish, but end up with lots of little fish. Maybe it’s not the time to be hunting giants...Maybe we just have bad timing...Maybe we should stop thinking about it and just fish. Haha!

We’ve updated some of our Kayak Fishing Gear Reviews because we’re trying new things and we’ve had some of our tried and true gear fail us recently.

Sometimes the sunsets at the beach make our whole day better!
We are so fortunate to be blessed with the chance to be around wonderful people and we get to see the most amazing sights while riding around on our Hobie Tandem Island.
Lucky we live Hawaii!
Aloha to all,
The Uyeda Brothers