Ahi Hunting

As many of you know, we’re always looking to battle BIG fish and the next fish on our “hit list” is the elusive Ahi (Tuna over 100#). We decided to go hunting for one on Wednesday, so we loaded up our truck with our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island aka The Uyeda Brother TI Fighter (aka Enjoy The Day aka The Uyeda Brother Waterworld Boat) and decided to make a good, hard run for an Ahi.

We get to our launch spot around 6AM and start rigging our baby up. If you’ve ever seen her all rigged up, you know we have A LOT of “stuff” to rig up.

Our plan was to launch early, look for any live bait we can catch, and sail to some areas we heard Ahis were being hooked up. We catch a bunch of little fish, but nothing we want to use as bait today, then all of a sudden Gareth hooks a small Aku. I’m thrilled, and while bridling it up…I ACCIDENTALLY DROP IT BACK IN THE WATER! Argh! We can’t get another Aku to bite after that, but luckily for us Gareth is great at catching other kinds of bait, so we get some and put them in our Hobie Livewell.

Long story long – We troll around for around 25 miles with only one REAL strike, which turned out to be a shark. By this time, we’re around 5 miles offshore and about 6-7 miles from our truck. We start sailing back to our truck when all of a sudden the wind dies down. Time to pedal back in! Thank goodness we have the Mirage Drive because battling the current back to the truck would have been torture if we were just paddling. The wind was on and off, so we pedaled and sailed as best we could.

Right when we were worried we wouldn’t be able to get back to the truck before the sun went down we take a strike on our center rod, and it’s a good one. The reel screams, then stops. I turn my head to see a nice sized Mahimahi leap and twist out of the water behind us. We clear our other lines, furl the sail, and the battle is on. Many aerial displays and screaming runs later, I (Kevin) have the leader in hand, Kage in the other, and my Kage strike hits the Mahi right in the bone in his head and pops off! I regain my composure and this time I get the Mahi in the kayak.
* Mahi weighed 21 pounds.

We snap a few pics, clean up the kayak, and open our sail hoping to get some wind to take us to the truck. We luck out w/some wind that rushes through one of the valleys and we make it back to the truck before the sun goes down.
A lot of Ahi hunting, but no Ahi to show for it. That’s OK. We enjoyed the day and had a great time fishing. Plus... We’re just letting them get bigger for next time!