Thanks to Aunty Joyce Kainoa (owner of the house we stayed at in Haupu Bay) and Joe Adams (owner of Windward Boats) we had the opportunity to go to Molokai with Joe Adams, John “Caveman” Gray, Ikaika Adams, and David “Boogie-D” Elgas.

We were going there on two boats, The 26’ Glacier Bay Catamarans Cuddy 2670 and the 23’2” Glascon Powercat Glasscat (designed by Joe Adams). We took a Hobie Mirage Adventure, a Hobie Mirage Outfitter tandem, and the Hobie Mirage i12S inflatable kayak on this trip.


We strapped the Adventure and the Outfitter kayaks to the roof of the Glacier Bay and the i12S was packed nicely in the travel bag and secured in the Glasscat.


We launched from Hawaii Kai Boat Harbor and we started to FLY to Molokai across the channel to the west shore of Molokai.

The winds were whipping and the seas were pretty rough. Then all of a sudden, the kayaks buckled from the roof of the Glacier Bay! We ended up trying to lash them down in the Molokai Channel, but it was too rough to do so safely, so we drove back to Hawaii Kai and strapped them down better.

Once everything was tied down and secure we fired the motors up and started to FLY again!

When I said “FLY” I really meant FLY!!!!!
The Glacier Bay and the Glasscat handled the conditions with ease! We almost lost the Bimini top on the Glasscat around 3 times on trip to Molokai. We tied it down the best we could and motored on. The pounding our bodies took on the trip that’s another story. Hahaha!

We reach Molokai and take a short break before going around Ilio Point to Aunty Joyce’s house in Haupu Bay. On the way to Ilio Point the Bimini top flies completely off! We retie it down and motor on again.

This is my (Kevin) first trip to Molokai and all I can say is Molokai is BEAUTIFUL!

We took a short break at Kalaupapa.

Father Damien’s Church (The second church)

The valleys and sea cliffs were breathtaking.

Joe took us through a sea cave on the way to Haupu.
After the sea cave, we got our first glimpse of Aunty Joyce’s house.

Kimo and family were there fixing the valve for the water that was piped in from the stream to the house. They were just leaving when we got there.

We were told that there was a steep switchback trail that we needed to climb to get to the house...we honestly underestimated the difficulty of carrying coolers and all our gear up the trail.

The view from the house was amazing!

We decided to do a little kayak fishing even if our bodies were aching.

We were targeting pelagic fish, but there were no takers. We decided to do a little light bottom fishing and ended up with a few goatfish and a big nabeta. Boogie found a ledge and started working it looking for ukus, but ended up with 3 ulua for the day.

We took a break after fishing to check out this waterfall that we saw on the way to Haupu Bay. Our camera battery died right when we got there, so we don’t have pictures of us in the waterfall. The waterfall was one of the highlights of our trip!

Our bodies were too sore to fish on the last day, so we decided to fish off the boat...kayak style. We found a ledge, marked some fish, dropped our baits, and hooked up! Ulua, Omilu Ulua, and a Mu!

We wanted to stay a month, but had to leave. We sadly packed up the boats and motored back to Oahu.
This was a trip we will always remember as long as we live. Big MAHALO to the Kainoa Ohana, Joe, Caveman, Lorraine, the Windward Boats Crew, Hobie, and everyone who made this trip possible.