Papio Open Tournament

We participated in the Coastal Kayak Tours/Windward Boats Paddlers Papio Open on Saturday, August 13, 2011 which was held at the Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club on the North Shore of Oahu. We had a great time in this run, well run tournament. 64 competitors entered to try and catch the biggest Papio (jack under 10#), the biggest Aha (needle fish), and the biggest other fish (Ulua not included). Coastal Kayak Tours has a slot limit for this tournament, so competitors are given a numbered measuring stick w/a string attached to it. Any fish smaller than the stick needs to be released and any fish bigger than the stick and the knot in the string is probably over 10# and should be released too.
We did pretty good considering we don’t really target Papio throughout the year. We ended up with 5 Papio, 1 Aawa, 1 Hage, and 1 Lai for the tournament. We got our first Omilu, but with 64 kayak fishermen in the water we knew a 13”er wouldn’t put us in the money, so we threw it back. Our second Omilu was a little bit bigger, so we kept it and right after putting it in the bag we hooked up a white papio. Conditions were getting bad, but we kept pounding trying to get something bigger and as luck would have it we hooked up with an even bigger white papio. Thinking the weigh in was from 3-5, we stayed out and kept fishing...then around 2:45 we get a call from our friend who was wondering where we were because we had the scale in the truck and I (Kevin) was supposed to be weigh master! We pulled up lines and started sprinting back to the tournament site. We got in and our fish weighed in at 4.98#. Just out of the money, but enough for 4th place!

PPO Results
1st Place - 8.78# Omilu - Isaac “Rocket” Brumaghim
2nd Place - 7.36# Omilu - Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan
3rd Place - 6.52# Omilu - David “Boogie-D” Elgas
4th Place - 4.98# GT - Uyeda Brothers - Gareth & Kevin
5th Place - 4.68# Omilu - Shiloh Oliberos
Biggest Aha - 7.57# - Dustin Young
Biggest Other Fish - 14.3# Kahala - Zack Balmoja
Thank you to David “Boogie-D” Elgas, Trina, Windward Boats, and all the sponsors for this great event.