Bandai Corp


RealBvoice34 is a brand born in 2000 to honor Buffalo Keaulana (and the Keaulana ohana), a legendary surfer from Makaha, Hawaii. RealBvoice34 is a partnership between the Keaulana ohana and Mr. U, owner of Bandai Corporation in Japan. The “B” in RealBvoice comes from Uncle Buffalo, the 34 stands for the 34 years that Uncle Buff was a lifeguard and the year he was born.
We met Mr. U through the Keaulanas and gave him an Uyeda Brothers t-shirt, and we were humbled when he put on while we were in a Chinese restaurant we were eating at in Waianae. We received a package today from FedEx from Mr. U (and Satomi Shoji) with t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and decals. We are STOKED beyond belief!
BIG MAHALO to Mr. U and the Keaulanas for all your support! We are honored to wear and use RealBvoice products.