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Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival

The Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival that is put on by the Pacific Islands Fisheries Group is a wonderful event that brings together the best of Hawaii’s fishing and seafood communities. It attracts over 20,000 people each year (I think it must have been easily over 30,000 this year). The festival was free for the public and took place at Honolulu’s Fishing Village at Pier 38 on Sunday, October 9, 2011 from 9am-4pm and had over 100 vendors. There are fishing related demos throughout the day, games for the keiki, and exhibits for all to enjoy.
We had a GREAT time meeting and talking with everyone that stopped by at our booth and came to the kayak fishing demo we did with Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan. Chris showed that you don’t need a lot to go kayak fishing and still be a successful kayak fisherman...
and we showed that you can go NUTS and put tons of things on your kayak and go fishing!
We only snapped a few pictures after we set up, but don’t have many pics of the rest of the day because we were happily swamped with people around our booth all day.
Big Mahalo goes out to Marc Inouye and Brian Funai for making sure we had enough space to show off our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island!

Ahi Hunting

As many of you know, we’re always looking to battle BIG fish and the next fish on our “hit list” is the elusive Ahi (Tuna over 100#). We decided to go hunting for one on Wednesday, so we loaded up our truck with our Hobie Mirage Tandem Island aka The Uyeda Brother TI Fighter (aka Enjoy The Day aka The Uyeda Brother Waterworld Boat) and decided to make a good, hard run for an Ahi.

We get to our launch spot around 6AM and start rigging our baby up. If you’ve ever seen her all rigged up, you know we have A LOT of “stuff” to rig up.

Our plan was to launch early, look for any live bait we can catch, and sail to some areas we heard Ahis were being hooked up. We catch a bunch of little fish, but nothing we want to use as bait today, then all of a sudden Gareth hooks a small Aku. I’m thrilled, and while bridling it up…I ACCIDENTALLY DROP IT BACK IN THE WATER! Argh! We can’t get another Aku to bite after that, but luckily for us Gareth is great at catching other kinds of bait, so we get some and put them in our Hobie Livewell.

Long story long – We troll around for around 25 miles with only one REAL strike, which turned out to be a shark. By this time, we’re around 5 miles offshore and about 6-7 miles from our truck. We start sailing back to our truck when all of a sudden the wind dies down. Time to pedal back in! Thank goodness we have the Mirage Drive because battling the current back to the truck would have been torture if we were just paddling. The wind was on and off, so we pedaled and sailed as best we could.

Right when we were worried we wouldn’t be able to get back to the truck before the sun went down we take a strike on our center rod, and it’s a good one. The reel screams, then stops. I turn my head to see a nice sized Mahimahi leap and twist out of the water behind us. We clear our other lines, furl the sail, and the battle is on. Many aerial displays and screaming runs later, I (Kevin) have the leader in hand, Kage in the other, and my Kage strike hits the Mahi right in the bone in his head and pops off! I regain my composure and this time I get the Mahi in the kayak.
* Mahi weighed 21 pounds.

We snap a few pics, clean up the kayak, and open our sail hoping to get some wind to take us to the truck. We luck out w/some wind that rushes through one of the valleys and we make it back to the truck before the sun goes down.
A lot of Ahi hunting, but no Ahi to show for it. That’s OK. We enjoyed the day and had a great time fishing. Plus... We’re just letting them get bigger for next time!

2011 Yak Off - Kayak Fishing Tournament

We decided to take our friends’ son, Trek, to fish in the 4th Annual Yak Off - Kayak Fishing Tournament on Saturday, June 11. We didn’t enter because we wanted to give Trek the best chance to win by having him fight all the fish that were hooked that day.

We woke up on Saturday morning to a mild rainstorm. =/ Luckily for us it cleared up while we were driving to the Manu O Ke Kai Canoe Club in Haleiwa. Unlucky for everyone in the tournament…the wind and waves picked up and made things very uncomfortable for everyone. Luckily for us we have the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island and the wind and chop were minimized by this super craft.

The plan was to look for live bait then troll to our ulua spot. Problem one…no live bait. Problem two…nothing hit while trolling. Problem three…our ulua spot was barren! Luckily for us, while sailing back to the canoe club we scored a nice little lai. A couple of minutes later, we score our second lai. And finally when we were just about back to the canoe club we get a nice little kawakawa.
Trek weighs his fish in and comes in tied for 3rd place!

Double Mahi Day

Went out for a run with our friend Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan and his friend Mikey on Monday, June 6 and we got lucky with a couple of Mahimahi. There was practically no wind to start off our day, so we pedaled the TI around looking for bait. We get to our first bait spot and nobody was home...this pattern repeated for our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bait spots too!

While searching for bait, we see a nice size mahi jump behind Mikey’s kayak...Fish ON! Two jumps later, it shakes the hook and is gone.

Decided to rig up a dead opelu that we brought with us and a few minutes later we had our first strike...and our first Mahimahi (20+ lbs) in the boat. We shoot a quick pic and start sailing around since the wind picked up.
We end up taking 2 more strikes, but one Mahi shakes the hook and the other just unbuckles! =(

Luckily for us, our friend Chris was on a bait catching mission and got a few. Shared one with us and less than 10 minutes later we have our second Mahi on! After a good battle with this fish we get him in the kayak too.

The conditions get rough for a while, but the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island is so stable that we stay out thinking that we’ll be able to load up with more fish. Unluckily for us everything went dead...no fish around, no bait around, so we finally decide to head in happy with our two Mahimahis.

For those of you who don’t know, Chris is a fish catching maniac. Here’s his catch from that same day.

*Will post a video on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/UyedaBrothers as soon as I finish editing it.

Testing the New TI Rudder

Hobie TI owners were having issues with the old Twist-And-Stow rudder system, so the Hobie engineers designed a new rudder for the TI. We pick it up from Windward Boats, and find that it is actually the same size and shape as the old rudder, but a little bit heavier. We installed the new rudder with basic tools in a couple of hours one afternoon.

We decide to take it for a test drive since Gareth had something to do later in the day...and we also figured that we may as well fish while testing our new rudder, so we took along all our gear. We pedaled for 3 miles and were very impressed with the new rudder’s performance. The only problem...no fish. We fished the rest of the day with very little action. Catch and release hagi (2) and a moano, but nothing on our new DH lures or on bait.

Right when we were ready to call it a day and started heading in and the reel starts screaming, zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ FISH ON...it’s a mahimahi...that decided to run across our other lines! =( After untangling and clearing lines, the battle was on. A few jumps in we figured it was a decent sized mahi and settled in for a long battle. She towed us around for awhile and we finally got a kage shot on her and she was in the bag.

We decided one fish was enough on this long day, so we started heading in again and the reel goes off again...zzzzzzzzzz. Gar gets excited and pulls the bait away from the fish! He drops it back again, the fish gulps the bait and ZZZZZZZZZZZ...jump! Another mahi...bigger one this time! This one takes a bit longer to land, but we get her into the bag, zip it up, and jam back to shore with HUGE smiles on our faces. Another great day!

We were so excited with our fish that we forgot to take pics while on the water. Hahaha!

May Day!

Whew...it was ROUGH out there, but the Hobie Mirage TI held up like a champ! We started the day meeting up with our friend Chris “Hammah” Paglinawan. Got some bait ready, rigged it up, and zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! We take a big ono strike and the fight was ON! Ono screaming out line and then POP...the ono bites through our leader and is gone. =(

The wind was supposed to be nice and light, but the weatherman was wrong again. Winds picked up to somewhere around 25 mph and we’d normally have to go in, but our TI Fighter handled it with ease. Trolled around more bait and we take a strike...the battle is on once again, and up pops a 17# shibi (yellowfin tuna).

After we landed the shibi the weather got worse, so we opened up our sail and flew in to end our day. =)

Hobie Demo Day @ Kailua Beach Park

Windward Boats sponsors a Hobie Kayak Demo 6-8 times a year and we were fortunate to be included in this one. The demo earlier this year was the one where we fell in love with the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. We go to Kailua Beach Park around 8AM and Lorraine Garnier and Ryan were already there. We rushed to help set the kayaks up and get them ready for the day.

We had a great day taking people sailing, teaching them about safety, and how the Hobie Kayaks work. Met some wonderful people and reconnected with long lost friends.
Hobie Ti 004
Hobie Ti 008
Hope to see you at the next demo!

First Fish Under Sail

We got our first fish under sail this weekend! The fish we caught before this were either under pedal or were caught while our sail was completely furled, so these were our firsts! We can't even begin to say how stoked we were to get them while sailing!!! I apologize in advance for the long post...like I said, we're stoked to get our first fish while sailing.

The day started off really nice...for paddling. No wind to help us out, so we pedaled out looking for bait while dragging one Crystal Minnow (the blue color Brian on AH uses) and a dead opelu. We just cross the ledge and the outrigger POPS...then nothing. We thought whatever hit it was gone, but a couple of seconds of disappointment later the reel starts screaming! I (Kevin) set the hook and pass the rod to Gareth, then clear the minnow. For a split second we think it's a shark, then we look down and see something about 100' down shining like a mirror...Kagami! We actually though about tagging and releasing him, but kagami sashimi is so good and he swallowed the hook, so we kept him.

We got a few opelu and started trolling them around 4-5 mph (kind of fast for live bait) on and off this ledge just north of Pokai Bay...rigger POPS...STRIKE ONE...fish unbuckles. Rebait and try again...rigger POPS again...STRIKE TWO...fish unbuckles again. Rebait...rigger POPS again...reel starts SCREAMING...fish ON...it's a big mahi! All of a sudden, it seems like the line breaks...Gar reels it up to show the biggest, nastiest PIG TAIL!!!!!!! STRIKE THREE! I had tied that rig the night before and I KNEW I didn't cinch the knot down good, but used the darn rig anyway. BIG MISTAKE! Thank goodness this isn't baseball or we'd be out.

Out of live opelu, so we bait up dead opelu and troll the ledge...zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ...fish on! Jump! Mahi! We keep the sail open and fight it while partially dragging it behind us. Some minutes later it's ready for the kage shot...AND I MISS! I'm usually deadly accurate with my Ahnkochee Kage, but not today. Luckily the fish is hooked good and I get a second chance...this time no miss. 11# Mahi in the boat!

Rebait and run the ledge again...zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...fish on again! Bigger mahi! Same routine - leave the sail open and battle the fish. We get the mahi close and we can't get her to come around the ama! Try and try again, and we still can't get her to come around the ama! Fast forward 5 minutes or so (while videotaping her swimming outside the ama) and she tires. Kage shot to the head and in the boat!

Long day and we're so tired and happy that we forget to take a picture while on the water. We decide that's enough fish for the day and head in. Fun day at sea!

Ulua & Moana Kali

Fun day on the water today. First of all...my (Kevin) back held up today! Conditions were strange with chop coming from all different directions, wind starting and stopping, and whales all over, but we had fun anyway. We caught the Kali and decided to keep it for the steamer.

About an hour later, we hook up to what we thought was a shark, but to our surprise it was an ulua. We were going to tag and release the ulua, but he swallowed the hook, was bleeding, sharks were around, and we figure he wouldn't have made it...so he'll be dinner for us and the neighbors.

Fun Day on Our Hobie TI

Got to the beach and it was beautiful weather for a day of fishing.  Long story short, we dragged around some bait...small mahimahi (7#).

As soon as we land the mahi, we drop another bait and within 2 minutes...mahimahi (a bit bigger than the first...hoping it's at least 10# so we can have full points for the AQUAHUNTERS Makahiki Kayak Fishing Tournament...but it wasn't. 9.1#).

Dragged around another bait and we take a strike that seemed to be an ulua because it swam down like it was looking for a hole to hide in and cut our line. Several screaming runs later we see this beautiful silver streak under water...ono (20.2#)!

Spend the rest of the day trying to get the pelagic trifecta to no avail. Great day on the water even without the trifecta.

Ikaika Clothing Company - Uyeda Brothers' Shirt

Our new sponsor, Ikaika Clothing Company, made a t-shirt design for us! Artist Eddie Garma made a beautiful tribal designed Hobie TI shirt for us. T-shirts are coming out just in time for the Hawaii Ocean Expo this weekend. Shirts will be $20 and will come in S-2XL in white, gray, and bright green/yellow, women's shirt style in S-L - White only.

Our Hobie TI In All Her Glory

We took our baby, Enjoy The Day, down to Haleiwa Beach Park with our friend/photographer Brian Yamauchi to do a photo shoot.

Here she is in all her glory!

Checking out the conditions...

Time to sail!

BIG Mahalo to Loraine Garnier, Hobie Kayaks, Windward Boats, AquaHunters, 808 Locate. Photos by Brian Yamauchi

Riggin Her Up!

We've started rigging our new baby up. At first we just wanted to get her on the water, so we kind of rushed and threw things together. PVC rod holders tied on with zip ties and rope to the rear aka mounts, fish finder wedged in w/transducer hanging off the side of the kayak, etc.

First day out...One Fish,

Two fish,

Green fish, blue fish

Now we're getting serious and have been rigging her to the gills.

Hobie LIvewell...


Rod Holders and Outriggers...


Storm was rolling in, so we had to move her inside the garage to install spray skirts...

Will post more pics when we're done! Don't turn that dial! =)


Aloha! We're Kevin & Gareth Uyeda, better known in the kayak fishing world as the Uyeda Brothers. We're from the island of Oahu in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

Our parents taught us from a young age to take care of the land and our ocean resources. We are currently volunteer taggers in the Division of Aquatic Resources Papio and Ulua Tagging Project, we always try to leave the beach and ocean cleaner than when we came, and we keep only what we're going to eat (or use as bait the next time out).

We can't really remember when we started kayak fishing, but we've been fishing in one form or another as long as we can remember. After shore fishing with our family we started wading/swimming out to small offshore reefs, then we fished off of our surfboards, which was followed by fishing off an inflatable raft, then borrowed kayaks before we finally got our own kayak. We LOVE kayak fishing because it's all human powered, there's no engine exhaust, we can launch from almost any beach, it's great exercise, and sometimes we come home with something good to eat too! We started kayak fishing very simply with a stock Cobra Tandem kayak, seats, paddles, pfds, and one whipping rod each. We upgraded to an Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXP and were told by many that the Zest isn't a fishing kayak. We modified our rod holders and other things and made it into a fishing kayak that suited our needs. We wanted a kayak that was faster, so we got an Ocean Kayak Cabo, The Green Lady III, and loaded her to the gills with gear. We still wanted more, so we tried out...and LOVED the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island kayak/trimaran/sailboat. She is like our very own Transformer which we can use as a kayak, a kayak with an ama, a kayak with 2 amas, and a full blown trimaran w/2 amas and an 18 foot sail. She is a sight to be seen.

We're fortunate to have met many great people and made good friends through kayak fishing. After kayak fishing for MANY years, we met Travis Kashiwa, one of the best skin divers in the world and all around good guy. Travis's encouragement, inspiration, and tips helped us to go for, and catch, bigger and better things. Our next big influence in Kayak fishing came when we hooked up with Isaac "Rocket" Brumaghim, founder of Aquahunters. Aquahunters has a fantastic kayak fishing forum with members ranging from beginners we call nOObs to professional kayak anglers. The forum is a great place to learn about ocean safety, kayak fishing, and to network with people who are passionate about kayak fishing.

Thanks for taking the time to visit with us!
Kevin & Gareth
The Uyeda Brothers

The Start Of A New Era

This is how our fishing journey has been going... shore fishing ->wading out to outer reefs -> fishing off of our surfboards -> fishing from a rubber raft -> kayak fishing -> and now we're here.

We finally got tired of using inferior brands of kayaks and have graduated to a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island!  As you all know, it's like having our very own Transformer!  At first we planned on only getting the hull to fish from, then one beautiful, sunny day, we went down to Kailua Beach and David "Boogie-D" Elgas got us HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER! After that demo and pedaling her in kayak mode we were IN LOVE!!!!!  We've only done a short sail so far just to get the kinks out, but have fished her in kayak mode and she worked like a charm.  We're looking forward to a steep learning curve and we believe this will push our fishing to a whole new level.